Thursday, April 15, 2010


We are slowly making progress in the basement.  There is so much to do it can seem overwhelming but I try to take it one step at a time.  Today we are having Home Depot come to measure for carpet so that we can get an estimate.  We will be getting new carpet because Jim tore some of it out already!  I started sanding some of the spackle last night and got the one room done, just have to get a second coat of paint on that tonight and that room will be ready for carpet.  There is a lot of painting left to do though.  When we were finishing it initially the carpet was installed before I had finished painting the woodwork.  That was not my idea, but it got scheduled and we were anxious to get it done so that was that.  Anyway, I was working and the carpet was installed and by the time I got home from work Tim had started moving his stuff downstairs!  I never got to finish painting.  So now I have to finish all the woodwork and re-paint the walls.  Good thing I like to paint.  Not sure about colors yet, going to pick up some color swatches and hopefully decide soon. 
Also have to finish getting everything out of there.  Timmy's apartment cannot accomodate all of his stuff so he left quite a bit of it at home and I'd like to pack it up but  Jim would like to leave it all out for  him.  We'll have to see about that.  Either way, it will have to be moved to paint and carpet.  And after patching up all the holes in the wall from the darts going astray, I don't think the dartboard will be rehung either!  Ha!  We'd also like to put a storm door on the back door to let more light shine in and some air as well.  Saw one down at HD with a doggie door in it.  Sure that Chester and Roxie would love to come and go as they please and pretty sure that Bella might go through it a time or two as well!  Don't know if it's in the budget for this year though as we are trying to do this on a shoestring. 
In other news...not much else to report.  Haven't had time to do much crafting of any kind.  Miss it.  Did make a card for my niece's birthday yesterday.  She is 17!  Happy Birthday Allison!
More stars and Happy Birthday sentiment inside the card.  I like the pink/black combo.
Can't wait to get set up so that I can get down to business again!

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  1. That is a cute card. Don't you just love home improvements.
    You asked about the border on my Spring layout. I just used some pattern paper and cut the design out of it.