Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, already?

Where have I been?  Well, I've been working!  Busting my you know what to be exact.  Work has been grueling this week.  Not really sure why, but it is taking its toll on me.  My job can be very physical at times and this week has been one of those times!  My arms and chest have been so sore from lifting and hauling boxes!  Not to mention painting.  I have hardly had any time to think and when I get home at night I am so completely exhausted that I just drop and have been falling asleep by eight.  But my sleep is not sound.  I have been keeping Jim awake at night with my talking.  Yes, I talk in my sleep!  A lot.  Nonsensical stuff for the most part, but he thinks its funny and it keeps him laughing while he is awake listening.  This week I spoke of a little white dog that ate everything in sight, arms, legs, anything that wasn't nailed down.  I couldn't get rid of it and needed to so while we were at a wedding the bride lost her bouquet so I gave her the dog to throw!  Where does this stuff come from?  Jim told me about it in the morning and I had no memory whatsoever about the dream.  I also spoke of shark fishing.  You heard me, shark fishing.  I had to test the line to make sure it was strong enough and while testing the line caught something.  After fighting to get the thing in found out it was a catfish and it opened its mouth and I could see its stomach and it had swallowed a golf ball.  Then for whatever reason, it's a dream remember, Jim put an electric screwdriver in its mouth and we wound up with catfish slushies that were gross.  Seriously!  I said all that according to my  husband. 
My family has long spoken about my talking in my sleep.  It has been a source of great amusement for all of them for quite some time.  Once when Tim was  younger and had his friend over to spend the night, he brought his friend in my room after I had fallen asleep to hear me talk in my sleep.  Their laughter woke me up!  Needless to say, my sleep isn't always the most restfull. 
Anyway, I do hope to finish the painting this weekend.  Getting down to the wire now as the carpet is scheduled to be installed on Thursday.  Then it will just be a matter of moving furniture, toys and all of my scrapbooking/crafting stuff down and the downstairs will be finished.  (For all intents and purposes.)  I'll always have some things left to do like curtains, pictures, decorating, etc. 
Then I can concentrate on turning the mudroom back into a mudroom again.  That should be a much easier job as it will just be a matter of cleaning the room real well, painting and putting the doors back up.  It will be nice to have that space back again.  I think that my  house is going to seem suddenly much bigger to me and hopefully less messy!  I can't wait for it to be finished and to move on to other things.  I am anxious to get back to scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I'll let you know!

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  1. LOL. Step up, step up one and all lets watch my mom talk in her sleep. Totally funny. You could write childrens' books about your silly dreams.
    I too have vivid dreams, and I have quit a few in one night. But I remember them and I don't talk in my sleep LOL,