Friday, April 9, 2010

What time is it anyway?

I think that part of me is still on west coast time!  I am typically early to bed, but this week I find that I am  not tired at my usual bed time and I want to stay up later than normal.  I try to go to bed, but can't fall asleep.  Then when it is time to get up in the morning I'm not ready for that either.  Ugh! Hopefully I can get my body to straighten itself out this weekend. 
We have been enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the last few days here in Maryland.  It has been beautiful!  Bella and I were enjoying the afternoon in the hot tub and when Jim came home he had stopped at Lilypons for some things for our water garden.  He asked Bella for her help and she was happy to assist him. 

New snails and tadpoles!  Bella had no problem with the snails but she just wasn't sure about those tadpoles at all!
No real plans for the weekend.  Trying to get my  house put back together.  I have finished unpacking and ironing, but need to do a good cleaning and get some of Tim's things packed away.  He has conveniently left quite a lot of his things behind.  Now I have to go through and pack up, throw away and give away the rest!  Then it will be time to start making new use of that space.  My vision is a new scrap space for me and a play area for Bella.  Nothing fancy-just space! 

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  1. Nice to hear you had a good warm day. We had a few flakes here yesterday. Is summer ever going to get here lol