Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pure Gold!

During the winter months Isabella's school had a program called Read for the Gold.  This program was probably not exclusive to Whittier Elementary School but I don't know.  Anyway, the kids had an opportunity to earn either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal by reading at home.  Totals were calculated on a minute basis and the amounts were calculated by a grade level formula.  Anyway, last night was the award ceremony for the students who earned the gold medals.  Students and their families were invited to the school for the ceremonies followed by milk and cookies, and a story time by a 'celebrity' story teller.  They brought each grade level on stage one at a time and each child was to introduce themselves to the audience by saying "My name is _______, I read for the Gold and I am in Ms/Mr._________class.", beginning with Kindergarten.  Well, the first two students they put the microphone in front of froze-totally.  The one little girl looked like she had been turned into a pillar of stone, poor thing.  So they asked for a volunteer to show how it was to be done.  Up went Isabella's hand.  Since she was next in line anyway, they gave her the mike and she introduced herself loud and clear and then received her medal.  She didn't even need the mike!  Too funny.  Here she is:
"Microphone?  Did someone say microphone?"
Receiving her medal

I failed to get one as she strutted across the stage, but here she is pleased as can be!
With Mr. Festerman, her school Principal

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