Monday, April 26, 2010

A Real Production!

That's what my weekend was!  Saturday I was back at Home Depot picking up what I had hoped would be the last of the paint and extras that were needed for the basement remodel.  After I returned home I set right to work and was actually able to get quita a bit accomplished.  I finished off most of the trim work with the exception of the trim going up the stairwell.  I didn't do that because I thought it might be easier to do once the carpet there has been removed.  Otherwise, I am done with the trim!  Yay for me!  Then I moved on to the accent wall, which was being painted a Moss Green (that is going to be where my scrap area is located).  Although I had asked for a quart of flat paint she mixed it up in an Eggshell finish and I didn't notice it until I had gotten home and being too lazy to go back to the store to get it replaced I used it.  But because of the sheen I used a brush to apply it instead of a roller and that takes a bit longer but I like the results a little better.  Finished that up and moved on to the hallway which was to be a basketweave tan, but when I started putting it on the walls it looked more like baby poop brown.  :(  So I decided to ditch that color and make a decision on it later.  By that time it was 5:30 so I called it a night. 
Sunday I was determined to make some more headway and I skipped church and started in around 10:00 taping up the newly painted trim.   Then I set to work on painting the rest of the walls in the big room the gold color that I had chosen.  I went on yellow but dried to a pretty mustardy gold.  Yum!  I got pretty much all of it done except for where the fish tank and the terrarium are.  Last night Jim was able to move the fish tank and tonight Tim is coming home to move the terrarium, so I'll be able to finish the rest of that wall.  Then all I'll have left to do is the hallway and stairwell and the trim in the stairwell.  The only thing that worries me is the stairwell as it will be really difficult to get to the top of the walls and do it neatly because of the stairs.  I'll have to set up some kind of scaffold and try like heck not to hurt myself.  Ha!  Here's the before pictures:

This picture shows the wall that is the accent wall.  You can just see the edge of the door to the "throne room" there on the right.
Sunday Jim, Michelle and Bella went to the Way Off Broadway Theatre to see Cinderella.  It was a great break for them and got them out of my hair for a few hours.  Bella loved it!  The ugly step sisters were played by men and she thought they were quite funny.  Here is a picture of her with the cast:

So that was my weekend!  How was yours?

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  1. Your weekend was very busy.
    I need my omph back to finish my basement project.