Monday, May 3, 2010


You heard me, I finished the painting!  For the time being anyway.  I finished what needed to be finished before the carpet goes in.  I still have to do the bathroom and then the mudroom, but that can wait-for now I am celebrating.  Although my celebrations are pretty boring anymore.  I am too tired and sore.  Ha!  But I am so glad to be done.  I've declared next weekend a paint free weekend!  Not gonna do it. 
So it was a busy weekend.  I did go cropping on Friday night, haven't done that in too long.  What's more, I got a couple of pages done.  I figured that since Bella's 6th birthday is now just a month away, I should at least scrap her 5th birthday.  Started on that.  I also got another random page done from last summer.  I know, I am so behind.  The pages were very basic, but it felt good to do them.  It's been so long that it was almost like starting over.  I didn't have anything packed, couldn't remember what stuff I had or where it was, so I just used the most basic things, but that's okay.  Got them done and that's what matters.  Hopefully I can get some pictures posted soon.
Then Saturday we went to dance class as per usual.  Getting ready for the recital which is going to be in June.  After dance we  headed for Home Depot.  Since it was the first Saturday of the month, Bella was anxious to do the craft because it was for Mother's Day this week.  A lawn chair with a hole in it to hold a small potted plant.  She loves doing those things and the price is most definetely right-free!  I got my last gallon of paint and then we headed for home and I got to work on the basement. 
After I had finished for the day, I was showering and the girls had heard sirens and noticed that they sounded very close so headed out front to investigate.  They saw emergency vehicles turning from our street and walked down the street to see what was going on.  It turns out that on of Bella's little's friends dad's was working in the yard while mom went shopping.  Mom came home and dad was still outside, when she didn't hear from him after a few minutes she went out to say hi only to find him on the ground.  His heart had stopped.  She called 911, and started CPR, neighbors came out to help, but they were unable to get his heart started and he was later pronounced at the hospital.  So sad.  He was 48 and leaves behind a wife and 7 year old daughter.  I've been thinking about them all day.  When Michelle told Bella that he had passed, she looked at Michelle with the saddest eyes and said 'But I prayed!'  She just didn't understand why that wasn't enough. Michelle did a wonderful job of explaining it to her, but it is a difficult concept for a child to understand.  Last night when she put Bella to bed, Bella said that she was going to say an extra prayer for her friend Tess and for Tess' dad in heaven.  Sweet little one. 
Again we are reminded of lifes fragile wings.  How in a heartbeat a life is over, a loved one is lost, lives are forever changed.  Give those you love an extra hug tonight and let them know you love them.  Tell them.  And never forget-Count your blessings!

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