Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where has the week gone?

It's Thursday already?!  The week has seemingly flown by, I guess that is what happens when you are busy!  Work has been crazy as usual.  I have really been putting in the hours and working hard.  When I get home, there is always so much to do.  I've been trying to get caught up on housework and the ironing, which is always such a pleasant experience, especially as a working mom.  You know I can never just go to the bathroom.  I go in the bathroom and take a seat and look around me and see the dust on the floor or the toothpaste in the sink. I try to keep the Clorox wipes nearby, but sometimes you have to do what you went in there for, so some things have got to wait.  Anyway, my trip to the restroom is never just in and out.  I clean out the sink and scrub out the toilet bowl, spray down the shower and wipe up the floor before I head out.  Then I can leave. If I am lucky, I have used the downstairs bathroom and get to skip an entire floor if not I have to pick up the clothes that Jim has left strewn in his path-he hasn't yet been able to locate the hamper even though it has been in the same location for the last ten years!  I quickly make the bed, straighten up the room, grab any misc. dog toys/bones that may be lying around the room and head on down the stairs, stopping to pick up any stray socks that Roxie may have taken from its unsuspecting mate and lost interest in along the way.  I get to the kitchen and put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher, sort through the paper and mail, put away any small appliances left on the counter, let the dogs out, and take my medicine.  Then, having forgotten that I went upstairs to get the ironing board and the iron, and head back upstairs...
And so I begin the chore of ironing.  Can you see why it takes me so long to get things done!
Tonight, I get the night off though and get to play the role of the proud Grandma.  Not a hard role for me to play!  Bella's kindergarten class is putting on a concert tonight and Michelle and I will be attending.  Jim has to work so wont be able to be there.  Bella is so excited!  She has been singing around the house all week, while she plays, at the dinner table, in the bathtub, everywhere!  Shades of her Grandmother? 
I'm sure that I'll have some pictures to share with you tomorrow, but in the meantime I have a few for you today. 
I may have mentioned that I got a new camera lens for Mother's Day?  Well, I was playing with it on Sunday and here are a few pictures from then.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of your little darling.
    Isn't that just the mother in us. We multi task 24/7.
    I have a suggestion, either quit work or quit ironing LOL.