Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping Trip

So I took Bella shopping for a Mother's Day gift for Michelle.  She was so excited, can't tell Mommy!  Where do you want to go?  Let's go to the mall!  What should we get Mommy?  Questions, questions, questions!
So, she had an idea and we headed out in search of this particular item.  Something that she had seen on the tele.  She just knew  her Mom wanted it and needed it.  We went to the store, Kohls and found the item in question and they had it in two color options.  Bella preferred one color and I couldn't find it in Michelle's size.  Silly me, I thought I could just talk Bella into the other color.  No.  Can't you find a guy? she asks.  A guy?  I reply.  Yeah, GaGa, a guy that works here that can find the color I want in Mommy's size.  Oh, that guy.  So, we shlep around the store looking for the guy-finally find him and no they don't have that color.  Only then can I talk her into the other color.  Next stop, the mall.  She wants to go to Sears.  Lands End dept.  So we are walking through the mall and what does she see?  The item that we just bought at Kohls in the color that she had wanted that they didn't have.  Hey!  Can we get it?  She asks.  But I just bought it at Kohls I tell her.  That's okay, you can take it back she tells me.  The kid is way too shopping savvy!  I convince her that its fine and if her Mom wants to make the change she can after Mother's Day. 
So, we get to the Lands End section of Sears and I ask her what it is she wants there.  A new bathing suit she says, Mom likes these bathing suits and she only has one.  I check the price tag and decide that I'm not spending $84 on a bathing suit for her because the reality is, she looks fine in a bathing suit that costs only $40.  Now me, I need a bathing suit that expensive to go out in public in but she is still young, thin and has elasticity in her skin and doesn't need an expensive suit.  Me on the other hand, I have to have an expensive suit just to stay on this side of the law!  (Once I went to the beach in a cheap black bathing suit and before I knew it PETA activists were throwing buckets of water on me and trying to get me back in the ocean!) 
Anyway, I was finally able to convince her to settle for a bathing suit accessory.  Something a little more versatile a lot cheaper.  I paid for it with a gift card that I had and was delighted to find out that I had some left on it when we were done.  Silly me, I thought we were done, but Bella had other ideas in mind.  You see, to get out of the store we had to go right by the children's section.  Bella wanted to try on a bathing suit, so she tried on 5 or 6.  And while my resolve was strong not to give in to a bathing suite for Michelle, it didn't work so well when Bella was modeling them for me.  So I told her she could pick one.  One bathing suit.  "Oh, but they are so cute GaGa.  I can't decide."  While she is trying to decide we see that they are on sale 30% off and she sees this as an opportunity.  "GaGa they're on sale.  That's good, we like sales."   That was it, I caved and she got both bathing suits.  Best part though when we went to the register, they rang up at 50% off! 
Then we get home and she sees her Mom and whispers to me "GaGa, I don't think I want to give that to Mommy for Mother's Day".  Read: I want to give it to her now!  I held off though and made her wait until Sunday.  She's too much!
So then she went swimming in her little pool.
This is one of the bathing suits that she had to have!

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  1. What a cutie.
    Ya I am a pushover with the little ones too.
    Beware you have a little shopper there LOL