Monday, July 19, 2010

Carole King sang it...

'I feel the earth move under my feet.'  And that my friends is what was the big topic of discussion around these parts on Friday.  Did you feel it?  Did you hear it?  What was it?  An earthquake!  That's right, an earthquake-right here in Maryland.  A very rare occurance indeed, but one that we may live to see again, or not.  Not a very big earthquake in comparrison to California terms, only a 3.6 on the richter scale, but an earthquake non the less.  The largest in this area since they have begun to keep records of these kinds of things anyway.
Friday morning everyone was talking about it.  So I'll tell you my experience.  I was awakened about 5:00 am on Friday morning by a loud noise and I sat bolt upright in bed and looked around.  The dogs were sleeping on the floor, Jim had left for work and the girls were still asleep in their beds.  The house was still and quiet again, so I laid back down and fell back to sleep.  That is my entire earthquake experience, and that was quite enough.  No damage, no injuries, just a loud rumble and a little shake. 
So that was Friday's excitement.  California can keep it.
Now an update on Tim.  He finally saw a doctor!  We nagged him and nagged him but it wasn't until his girlfriend told him to go to the doctors did he go, but he went which is all I care about.  Anyway, he went in and told the doctor that he'd been hit by a car and he knows he should have come in sooner, but he didn't, could he just take some x-rays or something and tell him what was wrong.  The doctor seemed to know he was dealing with a hard headed young man and told him he should have gotten stitches in the laceration in his head (which he hadn't told me about), but it was too late to stitch now, his exam also revealed three broken ribs, a broken finger, and foot and a badly bruised knee.  He trussed him up like a turkey, gave him a note and sent him on his way. My poor, hard headed boy!  Makes me want to stroke his head before I  knock some sense into it! Ha!  Just kidding...Sort of.

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  1. Oh my goodness. He had broken bones and didn't go to the doctor!! You should knock some sence into him, mind you by the sounds of it he wouldn't feel it anyway, LOL.
    Hope he heals quickly.