Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally Friday!

It has been a long and busy week and I am ready for a break!  Good thing that I have one coming.  That's right, as of tomorrow I am off for vacation.  I will be heading south for a family reunion.  We will all be meeting up on the Outer Banks for a week of fun in th sun, surf and sand and a lot of nothing much to do!  Here:

Don't hate me, I deserve it!  Truly, I do.  Besides, I will be sharing two very large houses with my family which consists of: me and hubby (who will only be there for 2 nights!), Mom & Dad from Florida, Sis & BIL from OH with their 2 girls (17 &16), Sis and BIL from VT with their son & daughter (15 & 11), Sis from VT with her son & daughter (12 & 9) , Sis and SO from CA with her sons (17 & 13) Bro and SIL from CA, withOUT their 3 sons (Daniel passed away this past Spring) and Bro and SIL from CA with their daughter (23) their son and DIL won't be able to make it either.  Sadly my kids can't come.  Michelle can't get off work-Tim couldn't either.  Anyway, it's going to be crowded, but fun!

I'll return home on Thursday, unpack, clean clothes and re-pack as then we will be heading out for a wedding in Erie, Pa.  Jim, myself, Michelle & Bella.  Timmy will stay at the house for us while we are gone and take care of the dogs and such.  Our nephew is getting married on Saturday, so we are heading up there for the wedding.  Busy, busy!

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, that is where I will be. 
I don't plan on taking my computer with me to the beach, sand and all.  But, if someone else has one, you may just hear from me, but who knows!

Until then...

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  1. Ohh that looks so relaxing. Have a great time. I am sure you will come back with a few stories to make us giggle. Time with family is always a good time.