Thursday, July 8, 2010

From the Mouthes of Babes

Last night I got home from work exhausted.  Bone tired.  After dinner I said that I was going to go  upstairs and get into my pajamas.  Michelle said I looked too tired to go up the stairs myself and offered to go and get my pjs for me and bring them down.  I thanked her for the offer but declined and said I'd go up myself.  So Jim chimed in and asked if I needed help, to which I said sure.  Now it was Bella's turn to chime in.  She turned to Jim and said "You shouldn't talk like that in front of a kid! Mom!"  When Jim started for the steps (heading for his office by the way) she looked at Michelle and said "He never listens to me!"  I have to wonder what she is thinking.  Later when I joined her in the family room she said "That's outstanding GaGa!"  I asked her what was outstanding because I didn't know what she was referring to and she went on to give me the definition of outstanding.  Ha!  She must think she lives with a bunch of dim wits.

Anyway, here are a few more layouts I completed of my favorite subject.
Strawberry Picking, May of This year!

This one is from a random pictures I took last summer.

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  1. I love how the little ones minds work.
    Your layouts are adorable, but then again how can they not with these pictures :)