Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I'm a day late in posting this, but so what! 
Friday night Michelle and I went to see Eclipse.  It is the third in the Twilight saga for those of you who have been living in a cave.  It was good, mostly enjoyed my time with Michelle.  The movie theatre sure was crowded though.  It was the opening day for Despicable Me and we went to the 8:15 showing of Eclipse and there was a long line for the next seating of Despicable Me!  Jim had taken  Bella to see it earlier in the day and they both really liked it.  Jim said that he would readily see it again, and that is saying a lot!

Saturday I felt kinda lazy and didn't feel much like getting up.  I just laid on the couch for a while watching cartoons with Isabella.  I finally got up and decided to do something so I painted the mud room!  I have wanted to get started on that project for so long now but just have not found the time, so I figured I might as well get going on it.  I got it all taped up and then did the cutting in a took a break, working in a small room like that it gets hot very quick!  Once I was able to start rolling, it went very quickly.  I finished and got all cleaned up and had just gotten out of the shower when Jim got home from work.  Bella practically dragged him in to show him what I had done. 

Then Jim surprised me by asking what my plans were.  I said that I didn't have any, that I had just talked to Durinda.  He casually asked what she and Andy were up to and when I replied nothing much he said good, lets go see them.  So after a little convincing, we packed a bag and jumped in the car and headed on down to Williamsburg to see them.  Got there and Durinda was waiting for me with an ice cold glass of Sangria, how's that for Southern hospitality?!  M-mmm!  We had a great time!  Had a real nice dinner together and I got to totally drool over Durinda's new craft room.  OMG!!  It is just to die for!  Gorgeous!  Durinda designed it herself and it is just beautiful, very well appointed, comfortable and elegant-just like Durinda!
Sunday morning we went to breakfast and then spent some time shopping before Jim and I had to head up the road for home again.  It was sure a nice albeit brief, get away.  Thanks so much you two!

It was nice to get home on Sunday and see Bella though, as she was very happy to see us!  Michelle too I think.  We were able to unwind a bit before it was time to fix dinner and get ready for Monday morning to roll around and the week to begin again.

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  1. When you decide to do something, You Decide To Do Something teehee. Oh I'll just paint a room teehee.
    Sounds like you had a nice evening with your friends. Would love to see her craft room