Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

My weekend was full of fun and excitement!  We had a good time.  Spent Saturday evening in downtown at the creek watching the silly boats cruise the creek.  Then walked around the downtown shops and such enjoying the entertainment  and the beautiful night. 
Bella even got to meet Uncle Sam!   We stopped at Ben and Jerry's and got a cool treat, yum!  I kept it low-calorie though and got fat-free sorbet which if their label is correct is 2 points per scoop.  It was light and refreshing too!  We walked around for about four hours though and by the time we got home I felt like a train wreck and quickly got in the hot tub hoping to ease the aches and pains that were making their way to every part of my body.  Ugh!  Old age realy is not for the faint of heart!
Sunday we headed up to Crumland Farms and let Bella play around there for a few hours.  She had a bunch of fun but the heat was too much.  After a while we had to head back home to get a reprive from the heat.  We rested up and cooled off for a while before we headed back out to the Park.
My All American Cutie!
Once at Baker Park we were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there.  There were all kinds of rides, demonstrations, activities, food, music, games, anything that you can imagine.  We stayed there for a while and had fun.  It was just soooooo HOT!  The mercury hit 98 and when you factor in the humidity, it was unbearable.  Then Bella went on a ride that spun her around & around and when she got off she wasn't feeling her best and wanted to go home.  She didn't look so good either, so we headed back to the car. 
Once home we had a chance to shower and change out of our wet, sticky clothes and have dinner before we headed back down to the park for our concert.  It was far too hot to see all of the concerts that were down there, but we did go back to see Lee Brice.  He put on a great show and at one point called Jerrod Niemann on stage with him to sing a song that the two of them had written together.  It was a lot of fun, and the crowd was wild! 
After the concert was over we went home without waiting for the fireworks.  Bella made it clear that she did not want to hear them and we were not in a rush to fight the crowd that was sure to be fighting their way out of the park area after the display, so it was all good.  We went home and watched A Capitol Fourth on TV in our nice air conditioned home! 
Monday Jim had to go back to work and we girls slept in, especially Isabella.  She didn't wake up until 9:00 and then she wasn't ready to get out of bed so she turned on her TV and stayed in bed for another hour or so!  She was one tired little girl.  Though we had thought about staying in our pajamas all day, we did eventually get dressed because I had to make a run over to A.C. Moore to pick up a package of brads that I needed to complete a layout that I was working on.  Yes, I did scrapbook yesterday!  Believe it or not and I have the pages to prove it.  But I'm not going to post them until tomorrow-make you come back and see. 
I got several layouts done and really thought I was making some headway in getting caught up, that is until Michelle let me know otherwise.  She very carefully went through my album (at my prompting) and wrote down what events I had yet to scrapbook.  When she had filled one full page and hadn't gotten to 2010 yet, she asked if she could stop!  Oh well, if I was caught up what fun would that be!  Right? 
Be back tomorrow....


  1. Well your caught up to my standards teehee.
    I am working on my camp journal and just finished 2008 :)

  2. Oh ya I LOVE your picture of your American girl, how adorable is she