Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I am excited to have a three day weekend ahead of me!  Currently we don't have too much planned, and that's okay with me.  Usually our weekends are so jam packed that I barely have time to take a deep breath, so a laid back couple of days sounds good to me. 
Last year we took Isabella to a local farm where they had their first 4th celebration for kids.  She loved it and would like to go back.  It is during the day on Sunday, so we will probably do that in the morning when they open before it gets too hot.  They have pony rides, farm rides, slides, animals, that kind of thing and she had fun.  Saturday evening is float parade at Caroll Creek, which is a fun way to kind of kick off the holiday weekend so maybe we'll go down there for a while.  The city has so many things going on and most of it is free or very little cost.  I just may find myself hanging out at the park on Sunday.  Doesn't hurt that these three will be there:
Justin Neiwman                                           Josh Thompson
Lee Brice
They will all be singing on the country stage in Baker Park.  Different times, but they'll all be there! 
So, we have plenty of options but no solid plans.  I like it like that!
I would like to get some crafting time in-that would be fun and different. I'd also like to clean my house, not so much fun but different.  Ha!  Jim is working on Saturday and Monday, so the runnning around from place to place will be done on Sunday because that is what he likes to do.  (I much prefer to sit on my bum and relax!)  He never seems to tire of going places, I guess I should be grateful for that.  Fireworks will be viewed on the television, we learned our lesson with Isabella at the baseball game-she does not like to hear the fireworks.  She would much rather watch them on TV.  Fine with me!
Overall, I am just happy to have a few days off with no traveling to do, no appointments to keep, no company coming.  Just family time.  If I don't want to put makeup on, I don't have to.  Not like that's going to happen, but you get the idea anyway. 
So what are your holiday plans?  Going away?  Staying home?  Fireworks? 

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  1. When I saw the men I thought wow who are these hotties. Then I had to reel it in as I thought maybe it was your son or something and didn't want to be disrespectful. I dont' listen to Country music but man that is some eye candy LOL.
    Hope you enjoy your 4th of July