Monday, October 10, 2011

Guess What?

It has stopped raining!  Finally.  It seemed liked the rain was here to stay, because everytime the rain would seem to break it started right back up again.  Let me tell you, we are soaked, water logged and down right sick of the rain!  Well, this weekend was glorious in terms of the weather.  Couldn't have been nicer.  Not a cloud in the sky, sun was shining and the nights were cool.  Just a couple of beautiful fall days.  I was loving it!  Which was good, because I was outside a lot both days. 
Saturday we had planned to participate in a yard sale with our neighbors.  They had been preparing for it for weeks and after 40+ years of marriage and an adult daughter whose own teenage kids had gone off to school had moved back in with her parents-they had a lot to get rid of.  We didn't have that much, just some books and toys, games, and some other random things that were lying around taking up space.  Most of it was the kids' stuff.  So Michelle was going to help with the set up and the sale, but the kids slept in and then after they got to the house and were there for a while Bella got sick so they had to go home.  So, I was flying solo with the yard sale.  But, since we had pulled a bunch of stuff out of the garage I decided it was a good time to sweep and vaccum it out and got it nice and clean and then when I was done with that I swept the driveway and the sidewalk, so everything looked nice.  (Of course Jim had to go and mow the lawn yesterday and ruin the nice clean look, but what can you do!) 
Yesterday, Jim and I ran some errands together.  I bought paint to paint Michelle's old room with and begin the transformation.  I hate the thought of starting a painting project, but I sure love the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I am in the midst of one and see the progress that I am making.  It is such a great feeling!  Then when I have finished the project to stand back and look at the completed room and know that I have done it myself gives me such a sense of pride, I feel like I can take on the world.  Just give me a paint brush and a roller!  Ha!  We also got a few other things that we needed, although I can't for the life of me remember what because they don't really matter compared to the paint.  When we got home we worked in the yard for quite a while.  Him more than me, but I did a bit.  Due to recent storms, we have lost quite a few branches and shrubbery in the back yard and Jim had been able to cut a lot of it down, but had not gotten to break it down and haul it away.  It was all just in piles in various gardens in the back, so yesterday we broke down the branches, kept what we could for kindling and hauled the rest away.  Let me tell  you, I worked hard!  It was a lot of bending over and this old body doesn't like that type of repititous action anymore!  Plus, the sun was hot.  I finished up my part and left Jim to mow the lawn and I went inside where I thought I'd relax for a while.  Once inside though, I was greeted with a dirty floor that needed my attention and I just couldn't let it go.  So, I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor, then I vaccumed the whole house and when I got upstairs I noticed that the bathroom door was shut (we don't use the hall bathroom).  Bella had aparently shut it after being sick in there the day before for what I can only assume were malordorsly obvious reasons.  Let's just say it didn't get better with age!  So, that led to scrubbing and disinfecting the entire bathroom.  The good news is it's sparkly clean now.  * :)   The bad news is, so much for an afternoon of relaxation. 
It ended well though, I sat in the hot tub for a long while last night.  Just relaxing.  Oh it was nice!  The water was hot, the bubbles were popping and the jets were strong, doing their job at relaxing my muscles.  Mmm.  Makes me tired even thinking about it.  I could use a little nap. 

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