Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo to You!

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!  I've never been all that much into Halloween myself, though that may seem hard to believe for someone who loves the theatre and costumes and such, but I am not at all into things scary or frightening.  I don't like it at all and I have never understood that alure for those who do.  If I see something scary on television I have to turn it off right away or I know that I will have nightmares all night long.  I've relayed to you all some of my dreams sequenced when I am not frightened so you can just imagine what happens when I am frightened.  Let's just say it isn't pretty!  (Or clean...)  And still some people get a thrill out of paying good money to get the beejesus scared out of them at movie theaters, haunted houses, fairs and the like.  Not me!  I stay far away from those things.  I do not like strange things jumping out at me in the dark, poking me, or seeing others having their body parts ripped off by power tools.  Call me crazy.
Jim on the other hand, is more into this strange holiday than I am.  It's not that he likes to get dressed up, Heaven forbid!  But give the man a reason to decorate my house with plastic crap that looks like anything that the Adams Family or the Munsters would have rejected as having been in bad taste and he's all about it.
Big hairy brightly colored spiders, flying bats, the ugliest, most hideous witch you've ever seen-not me thank you!  I had to fight with him not to bring home little plastic rats to put in this lovely candle holder that my mother gave me.  It's this large glass container with a candle that sits on a stand several inches above the bottom, leaving room for seasonal decorations underneath.  He wanted to put rats in it!  After nixing that idea he suggested eyeballs.  Really.  Eyeballs!  I found some nice fall colored acorns and that is what I put in there, much to his chagrin.  We are most definitely people of varying taste to be sure.  From time to time he has trully scared me when we have been shopping for furniture or something when he'll point to something and say 'What about this?' and I realize with something akin to horror, that he is serious! 

You see, I was lulled into a false sense of security.  When we were dating, Jim had a small house and every room in it was decorated.  Everything matched, not everything was the best stuff, he had hand me downs for sure-but nothing was ugly or horrible.  The curtains in the kitchen had little ruffles on them and the living room curtains went so well with the sofa and the rug.  It was - CUTE!  I was really impressed.  The thing is there was a catch that I was unaware of, he had help.  After we were married and his father had gone out and purchased furniture all on his own we had been to visit and Jim commented on how nice it was.  Well, the truth was, I thought it was quite the opposite.  It was heavy, and uncomfortable, the fabric was dated and not at all my style or what I would have thought of as his, so I was quite surprised.  I tried to say that it was nice for them, and for where they had it and such until he suggested we purchase something similar and then I couldn't hold back.  What was he talking about, was he crazy, was happened to his good taste?  Oh, he had  a friend of his that he worked with pick out most of the stuff, he just paid for it!  Ha! 

Anyway, had a real nice Friday.  Met an old friend for coffee and a muffin.  So nice to be able to catch up and relax.  This is a friend that I've known for a long time.  I met her when Michelle was three and before I was even pregnant with Timmy.  She and I each had a little one and then shortly after I became pregnant with Timmy she too became pregnant with her second child.  Her daughter Lisa and Timmy were in the same grade together and we were stay at home moms together.  We shared a lot!  Many, many cups of coffee, family stories, child rearing experiences, late night temperatures, trips to the doctors, shopping adventures, money worries and so much more.  We were very close and as sometimes happens, that closeness drifted over time and distance.  Not that we are far apart, just no longer around the corner and no longer in the same circumstances.  Never the less, we got together and it was good.  It was real.  It was comfortable.  Like before.  Like yesterday.  We just had to catch up and then continue on, no time had passed we just were -old friends.  Such a gift that is.  Such a precious, precious gift.  Thank you, Rikki.  It was great!  Not enough time, not enough true friends, not gonna let years go by again.
Then Saturday, it SNOWED.  In October.  The 29th to be exact! Enough Said. 
For now.................

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