Monday, October 3, 2011

A Season of Changes

It seems that there will continue to be a lot of changes in the lives of my family.  And we couldn't be happier about them.  While Michelle and Shawn were away in Disney World they became engaged.  Prior to their leaving, Shawn had spoken to both Jim and I and asked our permission which of course we granted, so we knew that it was in the works, but we didn't know exactly when.  While we spoke with them several times during their trip they never let anything on. It turns out that he popped the question on their first night there and Michelle didn't want to share it with anyone (other than Shawn's sister Courtney who they were with), she preferred to just keep it to themselves for the time being.  That's so very Michelle. 
The Happy Couple!
They haven't set a date as of yet but are hoping for the Spring, April or May.  They had a really great trip and had a wonderful time.  They are anxious to go back and bring the kids, hopefully on their honeymoon if things go as planned even if it is a delayed honeymoon.  (After school gets out.) 
Isabella and Aiden are thrilled!  They were told on Friday night after Aiden's birthday celebration.  The Grands, Jim and I and Rex and Della (Shawn's parents) were invited over to their house to celebrate the birthday and when the kids went up to bed Michelle and Shawn went up to speak to them.  We heart lots of cheering coming from upstairs, so we thought the kids were taking the news well.  Shortly Aiden came bounding down the stairs yelling "We're getting married!" followed by Bella who war piroutting down the steps singing "They're getting married!"  She followed that up by telling us that "Yeah!  And I'm going to be the Maiden of Honor and Aiden's going to be the Perfect Boy.  Or something like that."  We all got a kick our of that.  Isabella and Aiden will be the honorary Maid of Honor and Best Man.  They are well suited for their jobs! 
Then the kids realized that they would be brother and sister and they were thrilled about that!  Bella looked at Shawn and said she'd have a Dad.  Not sure who was happier about that, but then Aiden looked at Michelle and seemed a bit confused.  He has a Mom.  And he said "Miss Michelle will be my..." And I filled in with 'How about Miss Michelle can be your 'Bonus Mom' Aiden, will that work?"  He smiled and said "Miss Michelle you can be my 'Bonus Mom!'" 
It was very cute and they couldn't stop smiling.
So, it's on to helping to plan a wedding for me!  I am very happy for all of them.  Michelle and Shawn are a delightful couple who so enjoy one another, it will be a joy to see them take this step together.

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