Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Years, and a Million Memories Later....

It is hard to believe that I have been married for 30 years, January will mark our 31st year.  So many memories, so much time, how quickly it has gone by.  Yet, I can't seem to remember not being married, not having this man in my life, not being part of him. I have been truly blessed.  All odds were against us, few thought we would last, looks like we just might make it.  Our courtship was brief-just a few short months and our engagement was only 20 days long.  (Jim wanted to get it married before golf season began-priorities.) No time to plan a big, fancy wedding.  Who needed one?  I just wanted to be his wife?  No regrets.  Picked a dress from the rack.  Loved it, so me.  I had it preserved after Michelle was born, thought maybe, perhaps, well, who knows what I was thinking.  Anyway, Jim got it down for me the other day and we opened it up for the first time in nearly 30 years.  That was something!  When I got to the preservation box and opened it, there was a window into the box, the bust of the dress was filled with tissue and probably at one time had been propped up.  We opened the box and I kind of laughed and Jim asked what I was laughing at.  I said it looks and didn't finish.  He said 'What?  Like something a Grandmother might wear?' I said 'No!  Like something that might have been in the Cival War!'  It looked so OLD!  I couldn't believe it.  But, it was well preserved. 

Anyway, it was still sitting in the box (as I have plans for it) in my family room when Bella came over.  She asked what it was and when I told her she asked to see it.  I showed it to her and when Michelle came in she too asked what it was.  Bella answered 'It's the dress that GaGa wore to get married to Grandaddy in!'  Michelle looked at me and asked if she could see it, and I said sure.  She was wide eyed and said she'd never seen it, only in pictures.  Then to my surprise and complete amazement, she asked if she could try it on.  Of course I said she could!  My little girl in my wedding dress.
I thought she looked just beautiful.  Bella said she looked like an angel and when Michelle smiled, Bella said 'Hey, that was a compliment!'
Then of course, it was Bella's turn...

She of course, had to vogue it up! 
As she said 'I have Pacific style'.  We have no idea what that means or where she may have gotten that idea, but we have been told.  To be sure. 
So there are my girls, in my dress, 30 years later. 

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