Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a very productive weekend and boy did it feel good.  Well, I ached all over and could barely move by Monday, but in my head I felt good about the progress I made and what I had accomplished!
Saturday I spent the large majority of the day painting the spare room, formerly Michelle's old room.  You may remember that I had begun to paint it a couple of weeks ago, but I did not finish it and I have not had time to get back to it since then until Saturday.  So, I picked it back up again.  I had gotten a first coat on everything but the top half of two walls when I left off, so I was able to finish that off and then go on to get a second coat on the entire room.  Woo-hoo!  Because it was a nice day out, I was also able to wash the windows in that room too, including scraping off a decal that had been on the outside of the window since we had moved into the house 20 years ago.  It took some doing, but I got it off.   Now I just have to wait for the new carpet to be installed and I'll be ready to move on to the next step in the process. 
After I finished with that I showered and changed and ran out to the store to do a little shopping.  I had found some cute little frames at Michael's in their dollar spot that I had wanted to use for escort cards for the wedding and I had bought all of the ones they had at the Michael's in Germantown so I wanted to go to the Frederick location to pick some more up because I had a coupon that was good for 25% off the total purchase.  That would bring them down to .75 cents a piece!  Good deal, especially when I needed so many of them.  I was exhausted and didn't really want to go out but the sale was only good through Saturday so I had to go-only to get over there to find that they were out of them.  Bummer!  The good news is that they are expecting another shipment in on Wednesday and I'll just keep checking in till I get enough.
Mr. Wonderful had worked in the yard all day so he was beat too, so it was an early evening for the both of us.  He had to work early on Sunday morning and was up and out at the crack of dawn, while I tried in vain to catch a few extra winks.  I finally got up and decided to slowly (since that was the only way I was moving) get ready for church. 
After church I had every intention of taking it easy, but when I got changed I noticed that my closet was a mess and a lot of the clothes in it no longer fit.  Being that I was already sore from painting and the ladder was upstairs already, I decided to just take everything that was on the shelves of my closet out and throw it on my bed!  Then I started to weed out everything that didn't fit or was out of style and put back only what I was keeping.  Lets just say that very little went back in the closet and Purple Heart got a nice sized donation.  Again.  My wardrobe is suffering in a major way from my diet!  But, that's a good thing.  It just gives me an excuse to go shopping, and I am so good at that.  Ha! 
After I finished, Mr. Wonderful got home and I had to get re-dressed in my church clothes as we were going out.  We went to the Weinberg to see Neil Berg's 102 Years of Broadway.  It was a wonderful production.  He had 5 major Broadway stars with him to sing songs from shows from some of the productions from over the last 102 years of Broadway.  It was just amazing, truly a talent filled cast that sang spectacularly!  We just loved it!  As a matter of fact, it was our 4 time to see his show if that is any indication.  It was a perfect end to a weekend. 
What did you do?

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