Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slow and Steady


We are making progress on the wedding preparations.  It seems mindboggling at times how much needs to be done.  No wonder my mother almost fell over when I said I was getting married in 20 days!  Ha!  If I knew then...who am I kidding?  I'd have still done it the same way, no time to stress over the small stuff, or the big stuff for that matter. 
Anyway, Saturday Michelle and I headed on out to shop for a wedding dress.  Getting going in and of itself was an adventure.  She thought we were going one place  and I thought we were going another.  What happened was this: we had an appointment in Hagerstown the week before but it got snowed out.  I had maded the appointment and Michelle called to reschedule.  She thought the appointment was in Chambersburg, Pa. so she called there and said that she needed to reschedule and they said okay and put her in the book for Saturday.  They never said they didn't see her in the book for that Saturday! So I pick her up and we get going and I start to put into the GPS where we're headed and I say 'Hagerstown' (it's a voice recognition GPS) and she says 'what? No!  We're going to J & B Bridal aren't we?'  It was good for a laugh anyway, but we finally got ourselves straightened out and on our way. 
Once we arrived there it was like night and day from the last place.  The consultant was great to work with, she showed Michelle only things she was interested in seeing and therefore everything she tried on she basically liked.  And-she found the dress!  YES!  We even were able to pick out the bridesmaid dresses. 
This is the dress though not the color, the color Michelle choose is Sapphire blue.
It is very pretty on and I think it is a very forgiving dress in terms of different body types, and it even comes in a Junior style as well for Bella. 
We have the venue reserved and Jim went over and put the deposit down to secure it so that is done too.
Then on Sunday I went to church with Michelle and Shawn and the kids and was able to see their church.  It is a lovely church and I felt very warm and welcomed there.  It was easy to see that the children are quite comfortable there as they have made themselves right at home and are making friends.  Their cousins go there as well and that is nice for them too, for all of them.  The church is very pretty and hopefully the photographer will be able to get some nice pictures of the outside of the church as well as the inside on the day of the wedding.  Afterwards, Michelle and I went to a wedding expo that was being held at the fair grounds in town.  There were all kinds of vendors there and it was great to go and get ideas.  We were able to taste several cake samples from many of the different bakeries in the area that were represented and see some of the cakes that they can make.  There were florists, limo companies, d.j.'s, venues, makeup artists, paper companies, balloon stylists, party rental companies, you name it-they were there.  So Michelle got a bag full of stuff to take home and go through with Shawn and start making some decisions.  

On the flip side of things, fall has most definitely come to stay.  The weather has turned cooler, the leaves are beginning to fall in earnest and there is a real chill in the air.  While I love the colors of fall, the cooler weather and the smell in the air, the change in the seasons does not always agree with me.  This year seems to be more difficult that usual.  Perhaps it is a combination of things: my age and a natural progression of the disease combined with the change, but I am moving slower and feeling things much more deeply.  My arms and legs feel like they have been weighted down, and so just performing normal, everyday tasks has become more difficult for me.  I tire much more quickly and fade way too fast.  So for now, it means a modification of my activity and work load.  Learning to ask for help and rely on others a little bit more.  Something that I am not entirely used to, but I am working on it..  If you hear a little less from me, know that is why.
Until the next time!

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