Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven Things About Me...

Although I am not too much into dates, it would seem as though a lot of people are.  I heard on the radio this morning that today in Las Vegas the number of people who have applied for marriage licenses has more than tripled because today is 11-11-11!  Crazy if you ask me.
So, in honor of this in-auspicious day I thought I would do something a little different since you didn't ask.  I am going to tell you eleve things about myself that you may or may not know.  If you don't care you may stop reading now and go on about your day.  Thank you.

1.  Even though I am one of four girls, I have always considered myself to be the middle child.  Yeah, I know.  That is because my youngest sister was born 10 years and 2 days after me, making her bar none the best birthday gift my parents ever gave me!

2.  The first time I met my future husband I had no interest in him at all.  As a matter of fact, I laughed at Mr. Charming when he asked me out the first time.  I eventually relented and we dated for only 3 months before becoming engaged and our engagement lasted just 20 days.

3.  I cry easily and often!  I cry at commercials, while reading, watching a movie, hearing a beautiful song, seeing the beauty in nature, praying, almost anything can bring me to tears.

4.  I am the ultimate Drama Queen!  As a matter of fact, I believe that that phrase was coined specifically for me.  Yes.  I believe it was.  Enough said.

5.  When I was a kid I was a bit of a tomboy and tried to keep up with the boys in the neighborhood.  I climbed trees, hiked mountains (I was little, they were mountains!) rode motorcycles, jumped streams, and took chances that I probably shouldn't have and have a few scars to prove it.

6. I love to read and can totally loose myself in a book.  The characters become so life like to me that if and when a movie is made from the book I am no doubt dissapointed because they actors choosen for the roles never quite live up to my image of who I believe the charater to be.

7. I often jumble up my words and what comes out of my mouth doesn't resemble in any way what I am trying to say.  Few people can understand me.  Favorite daughter is one of them.  My mother calls it 'word salad', but the rest of the family just calls it pretty darn funny!

8. I have absolutly no patience!  Well, I have some patience- but very little.  I have patience for my children and grand children, but not with things.  Things tend to get broken around me or thrown out the window.  Just saying.

9.  I am self taught in many things.  I see something and I want to learn to do it and I figure it out.  Mostly because I can't or won't read directions.  Refer back to #8.

10. I love music, theatre, the arts.  LOVE it!  Love to watch it, take part in it, listen to it, enjoy it, be one with it, encourage it, love it!

11.  I had every opportunity to have a totally disfunctional childhood due to the circumstances that surrounded us.  Instead, I am so grateful to have been blessed with a family who showed us unconditional love, the greatest gifts that we could ask for could not be bought, strength that is found in family and togetherness, and that we are all bound together in love and the Lord.  It was a message that was clear and straightforward.  Delivered with pure love for us-always.

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