Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing Memories

As of now the build up, the work, the anticipation and the dream of the wedding day of Michelle and Shawn is now just a memory.  But what a sweet, beautiful memory it is. It is one that I for one will never forget and will forever hold dear to me. Now that I have had a few days to process it all, I'd like to share a bit of it with you.

The day started out sunny and cool and I met Michelle and Isabella at the hair salon at 9:30 AM. Michelle and her bridesmaids were all scheduled to have their hair done for the big day, and Michelle had asked that I be there. It was a busy salon, with a lot of chatter and excitement.  I was shooting lots of photos and Nichole, our photographer was ther to shadow Michelle for the majority of the day as well.  From chair to chair the girls were hopping, one after another.
Bella was finished first and Michelle just about the last one to go.  I had to be given a tutorial on how to put her veil on,nd had a back up!

Here's the bride    !

After everyone's hair was done, Michelle, Bella, Brooke and I went back to our house and the plan was to meet up at the church at two.  We had some time so we made sure to get some food in our bellies and then we set about applying makeup and seeing to the little details.  My father and Marlena had stopped by and Mar had presented Michelle with a beautiful Swarkofski crystal bracelet to wear on her special day and then one day to pass along to Bella on her special day as well.  What a special gift.  My mom also came by with a gift of something borrowed, another bracelet of gold and diamonds that my grandad had given to her.  Michelle work one on each wrist-one old and one borrowed.  I bought her new Swarkofski crystal and silver earrings and a pendant that went so well with her dress, they're orchids with a drystal drop:
An Etsy find that I was tickled to find-all the way from Israel!  The picture doesn't do them justice. We had also taken part of my wedding dress (the cuff of the sleeve) and used it to wrap the stems of her bridal bouquet.  She and I both liked the symbolism that it represented.  Her garter was another Etsy find, and special to her and Shawn.  Since they are both baseball fans but root for different teams, she had the garter made with a logo for the Orioles on one side (his team) and the Yankees on the other side (her team), and it incorporated the needed blue as well!

Here is my beautiful girl:

And her with her beautiful girl!
Michelle gets a hug from her brother before the ceremony.

A quiet moment...
Love that look on her face!
The happy couple!
Not a great picture, but me and my girl.
It was a wonderful day and the best part of all is seeing the both of them so happy.  Wouldn't miss it for the world! 
That's about it for now.  I'll share more soon.

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