Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

And all through our house, there was sneezing, coughing and feeling like a louse.  (Well, lousy-but that didn't rhyme!)  So you get the picture.  I am not feeling well and it is Christmas!  Two days a year is all I ask for, but I guess there are other plans for me.  And really, it's okay.  I have to work today anyway.  Supposed to be  here for the whole day but I imagine given the state of things, that I will be leaving early.  We would like to be able to attend the children's service at our church with Isabella.  Then dinner, our one gift (pajamas!) then it will be off to bed for the little one to dream of the wonders that will await her on Christmas morn. 
So what are your plans?  Any family traditions? 
I am looking forward to spending some quiet time with my family.  Sitting by the fireside, opening gifts, reading stories, and just enjoying one another.   So I am signing off until next week.  Go enjoy your loved ones and remember to count  your blessings and rejoice in the Saviour!

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