Friday, December 11, 2009

Notice the new blog design

Couldn't sleep so I played around with the layout of my blog.  I so clearly don't know what I am doing but I figure that I have to keep playing with it to learn it so that is what I am doing. 
The madness continues.  Last night I left work and drove to The Flaming Pit to meet Jim, Andy & Durinda there.  It is close to my work so I didn't go home first.  We were invited to dinner by Ed, our financial advisor and his wife Lynn.  (Doesn't having a financial advisor make it seem like we have finances to be advised about?  Don't let it fool you!)  We had a very nice dinner, good food, good company, but I didn't get home until after 9 o'clock last night.  That may not sound too late to you, but I had left my house at 6:30 that morning so it was feeling mighty long to me.  After I got home I threw some things into a bag so that I would be ready to pack up and go with Jim, Michelle and Isabella to Hershey Park when I get off work today.  So that is the plan.  We are heading up this afternoon and coming back on Saturday night.  The weather forcast calls for a high of 30 tomorrow, so I am sure we will freeze but it's okay.  We are creating memories with Bella and that is priceless to us!  She is so excited!  We have a scheduled breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning and she can hardly believe it.  I will of course have my camera along and I hope to post some pictures from our weekend on Sunday or Monday.  Whenever I can squeeze in a few minutes. 
Other than that, I have gifts to buy and lots of wrapping to do, laundry to get caught up on and a lingering migraine to find relief from! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. Well, if you have gifts to buy, and means to purchase said gifts, there must be finances to be advised about! Merry Christmas!