Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, it is finally Friday!  I have been swamped at work this week and have put in overtime hours-again.  I've been anxious about this weekend as my parents are coming into town!  Yeah!  Always love to have them visit, especially during the holidays.  Being as they are HUGE Giant Football fans, Jim and I got them tickets to the Redskins v. Giants game on Monday night for Christmas.  Well, wouldn't you know it-we are expecting a snow storm!  Not just a little one either, depending on who you listen to and where the line is, we could be getting anywhere from 6-20 inches!  In some places that may not seem like much, but here it is a lot.  People get all panicky at the first sign of snow and they go running to the store to snatch up all the bread and milk, like they're going to be stuck indoors for days.  Not likely. 
So, we sit and wait for snow.  If the game is not cancelled, I guess Mom and Dad will go.  They may not stay for the whole game if they freeze, but we meant well. 
Bella is super excited!  She just can't wait-for the snow, for Nana & Papa to come, for Christmas, you name it-she is excited!  (Me too! )

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