Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you can't beat 'em....

Sometimes I have the need to complain.  I try not to do it too much, but sometimes I just have to let it out.  Here goes: I am in pain!  Not all the time of course, but often.  Too often.  Last night while eating dinner the upper part of my left arm began to ache.  It was almost like a charlie horse in my arm.  Out of nowhere I just start having these searing pains in my muscle.  Then later, it moved to my lower arm, then my leg, and feet and my gluteus maximus.  And it didn't let up for quite a while.  Finally, I decided that if it wasn't going to go away, I would exercise.  Then when I had muscle pain at least I would feel like I was getting some benefit from it.  Right? So, I got plugged into the Wii Biggest Looser game and had at it.  I choose Bob as my trainer.  I like him.  He is gentle-for the most part anyway.  I finished the whole circuit and the cool down exercises.  The result?  Well while I was doing it I was fine, and although I tried my best I just could not hold my ankle while standing on the opposite foot.  (Just can't make those muscles do that!)  Other than that I did all of the exercises and I felt it.  In a good way.  It stretched the muscles that were bothering me and the result was a different type of burn.  Of course as with any type of exercise for me it is always followed by tremors.  But that is different than pain and much easier to deal with!  So overall the result was good. 
Which brings me to my next point-I need to loose weight.  No big surprise there, but I am putting it out there.  Here on my blog.  So it begins, a new diet and exercise program.  A challenge to myself.  Maybe if I put it out here I will be held accountable.  Help to hold me accountable.  Send me recipes of good, low fat food.  Encourage me.  I need it.  I'll give you updates along the way, let you know how I am doing and how my body tolerates the exercise.  I am going to try to be reasonable about this too.  Taking a page from my SIL Linda's book I will not totally deprive myself just limit myself.  (Linda, any tips would be appreciated!)  
So there you have it.  My resolution to myself-loose some weight and work my muscles!!! 


  1. Good luck! I gave my self a "New Year New You" motto about three years ago and dropped 50 lbs. I've kept about 45 off and I fluctuate 5 lbs up or down. You've got to be ready FULLY in your mind. What worked for me was reading: YOU: On a Diet and using

  2. tip 1

    Why am I eating this?

    do I need it ?

    do I just want it?

    Can I wait?

    ask these 3 questions--the answer can be yes to any of them but the wait an the nos will in crease and it makes you think before you eat.

    tip 2---I go to the store--put anthing i want in the cart---then slowly but back those items i do not "need" now I just Pick items up and put right back down. same idea works with the refrigator--can not spell-take it out look at it and put back--if too tempting i throw it out.--SIL