Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Manic Monday

Update: They took her back at around 7:30 and Michelle said she was pretty loopy by then.  She cried and wanted her Mommy, naturally Michelle cried too.  They finished up around 9:30 and Bella was in the recovery room.  Everything went well.  The dentist said that while she was in her mouth the two teeth on either side of the missing bottom two were so loose, she pulled them out!  So, she now has six missing teeth!  The good news is that she said the permanent teeth can be seen peeking through the surface.  They let her sleep in the recovery room for another hour and then she woke up and just wanted to go home.  Michelle got her dressed and then she was wheeled out to Grandaddy who was waiting in the car for her.  She is to take it easy today and stay inside and eat soft foods, but she can go back to school tomorrow.  Praise God!
Sorry for my absence, but you know how it is.  I had a great long weekend, which I'lll tell you about tomorrow.  For today, I am asking for a prayer for my Bella.  She is going in for surgery this morning.  Nothing serious, oral surgery to be exact.  Isabella was a preemie and from what I understand that can affect her teeth and in her case it has.  The dentist has been watching her molars because they came in without enamal on them.  He did coat them with enamal, but on her last appointment he took x-rays and said that they were damaged.  The damage is through no fault of her own, not due to a lack of care and as a matter of fact he said that she is a very good brusher.  Never the less, she needed to have crowns placed on four of her molars to protect them.  This poor little girl has not had the best luck with her teeth!  You may remember last summer when she fell face first into the concrete sidewalk and wound up having to have her top two teeth removed and her bottom two fell out.  The one bottom one has just started to grow back and the dentist says that the other three should be in by summer. 
Anyway, to have the crowns put on they have to put her under general anesthesia and to do that she has to be hospitalized.  The surgery is scheduled for 6:30 this morning and Jim is going to accompany Michelle and Bella there.  They left the house at 5:00 and expected the trip to take them an hour, they were told to be there by 6:00.  We were not told how long the proceedure would take, but I'd guess an hour or two? 
Grandma is going to work, hopefully it will help to keep my mind off of things.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Awww poor girl.
    My oldest has to go for oral surgery near the end of the month (she needs all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed, they are all sideways and still under the gums). She is pretty nervous.
    Hope she feels better soon