Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's all a matter of perspective, right?  I think that I have mentioned before that I work hard to keep things in perspective.  And for the most part, I do a good job of it.  We all  have challenges to face in this journey we call life, and I do my best to make the most of what I have been given.  Which isn't to say that sometimes I don't rant and rave, scream and cry, or even howl at the moon once in a while.  Somethings are  harder to take than others though.  For instance, when my Grandmother died I went through a plethora of emotions.  Of course I was saddened by her death, I loved her and cherished my time with her here on earth but she was ready.  She had been ill and had become a mere shell of the proud, fun, loving, woman that I had loved for my whole life and I think that given the choice she would have choosen to go and be with her Heavenly Father.  Perspective.  When I was diagnosed with MD I was okay with it.  I wasn't  thrilled by the prospect, I was somewhat frightened by the unknown, but in the grand scheme of things I knew that it could be worse.  Perspective.  Right?  I try to wrap my mind around things as best I can and find the best way for me to deal with lifes challenges.  Which brings me to my most recent challenge.
Picture it if you will.  It was a normal day, much like any other day at work.  I was going about my normal routine and I stepped into the restroom to wash my hands.  Standing there at the sink I looked up to check my appearance in the mirror (Oh, vanity!) when I noticed something on my face.  On my jawline to be exact.  I tried to brush it away to no avail.  So I leaned in to get a closer look, and it was then that I discovered it.  Right there, growing, on the side of my face, for all to see- FUR!  I swear to you that's what it was, fur!  To you it may have been just a few hairs, but there were several of them.  And they were long.  I mean, I could have braided them for crying out loud!  OMG!  Just call me Rosie O!  I too, could go on national TV with braided facial hair and put a bead in it!  Or you know- NOT!  Why must I endure such trauma I ask you?  So there I was, without tweezers, nothing but my fingernails trying to pluck these dratted squatters from their unlawful encampment on my face.  Oh, the horror!  It makes me want to run right out and make an appointment for laser hair removal or something like that.  Luckily, with my fair skin and red hair my facial  hair (I can't believe that I just wrote those words) is light, but still.  I mean, reallly!  Don't we as women have enough to worry about? The only thing a man has to worry about is shaving and if he doesn't he is labeled as "rugged" or some other such nonsense, but a woman with facial hair is labeled as a 'circus act' or a 'side show'! There is simply no justice.  So please excuse me, I have to run to CVS and scour the aisles for  depilatory creams with guaranteed results and no stubble! 
Oh, I will leave you with a couple of cards from my weekend... These were for same layout, different colors.


  1. Your cards are gorgeous!

    Your blog post made me laugh. I just posted TODAY, as my word of the day, a word that goes with your post! Thanks for the giggles.

  2. This is to funny (sorry).
    A couple of years ago I found this fine but very long hair coming from a mole on my neck. It pulled out easily with my fingers (that is how long it was), I just thought that it was stuck on my neck. Much to my horror about 5 months later the same thing. That is when I realized it was a MOLE HAIR...just like a witch LOL. OH isn't getting older fun NOT.