Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Thursday night was a doozy!  Andy and Durinda came up and we celebrated Durinda's birthday, she was 40!  We were to meet Michelle and Bella at Longhorn for dinner after play practice got out which was scheduled to be over at 6:30.  When we still hadn't heard from them at seven we ordered.  I thought those girls were going to be mighty hungry and Jim thought Michelle might be pretty angry if we didn't hear from them soon.  At 7:20 we did hear from them and they finally made it over!  What a long day they had!  The play was very cute but I have to say that the second night went much more smoothly than the first night.  There were 80 students in it and they ranged in age from kindergarten to fifth grade and only 6 kindgrgarteners had speaking parts.  Bella was one of those with a speaking part and I have to say, all of the little ones did a great job with their parts.  They said their lines loud enough to be heard and spoke very cleary and not one of them had to be prompted!  I thought that was pretty good for 5 and 6 year olds!  But Bella was totally wiped out by the end of the night and just wanted to go to bed!  She had to be at the school for makeup at 5:00 and didn't return home again until 9:30 and then we had to take the make up off.  She didn't get up 'till 8:00 on Saturday morning and when she did she ate 3 eggs, yogurt and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast!  Here's a picture of our little blue fish.

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