Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Summary

Monday sure does roll around fast! We had a pretty uneventful weekend, and that was okay with me!  I had planned to crop with my girls on Friday night, but it would seem as though this new protocol of meds is wreaking havoc on my system and by the evening my face and neck were red hot and blotchy and my hands felt as though the skin would just peel right off.  I felt it was wise to stay home, so I did and consequently got nothing done.  Well, I did get a few easy cards done, but forgot to photograph them.  Ha! 
Saturday we took Bella to dance and were treated to a taste of both their ballet and tap numbers that they are working on for their recitals.  So cute!   This is ballet.
And here is tap-a cute country number!
Afterwards, we headed up to the Outlets at Gettysburg and did some spring shopping for Bella (we had coupons!).  She loved it!  Her favorite find of the day?  Here she is modeling it:
Yes, a sleep mask!  She has been asking for one for about a year now and we were able to find one on sale cheap at Bath & Body so this Grandma induldged her!  How funny is that?! 
After church on Sunday we went home and then the rest of the weekend was spent doing wash, house cleaning, reading and playing.  Just the usual, nothing too exciting.
What is exciting though is that I stuck to my new migraine diet and am pleased to say that I was realatively headache free all week!  I did have a brief headache last night but it went away quickly, so that was good.  I pray that this trend continues.


  1. Oh my this is so cute. Little Diva

  2. A little kid that asks for a sleep mask?!! Too funny!!!

    Don't you just love watching them dance when they're that young? I remember when my kids were that young and in dance.....*sigh*.