Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Blessings!

I love Easter.  I love the season of Easter, the renewal of the Earth as it burst into bloom, the renewal of our Spirits as we remember and Rejoice in our Saviour and His Mercies.  What was given up so that we can be free from Sin.  It makes my heart leap with happiness! 

Then you add in adorable little girls (grandaughter) in cute little dresses and candy?  Things just don't get any better than that?  So because Michelle and Shawn had Aiden for the weekend and he had to go to his mothers' Saturday night so he could wake up and have Easter morning there, they decided to wait and tell the Easter Bunny to hold off until after they got back from church when they would have Aiden with them again.  Mr. W really didn't like that idea and asked if they wanted to bring her over here before church, so they came here at 7:00 and Bella got to hunt for eggs and we got to have some fun too!  She delights in everything and was just tickled with her little treats.  She even found a special wooden egg that was left for her from The First Dog:
The back of the egg has Bo's paw print!
Later that afternoon I had them over for dinner.  Tim had to work and was not able to join us, so it was only Michelle and Shawn and the kids, and us.  I made a ton of food!  A glazed ham, potatoe salad (my husband's favorite-his mother always made it.), egg plant for Michelle as she doesn't eat ham, carrots & onions, broccoli & rice casserole, apple sauce and rolls.  Like I said, a TON of food!   We'll have leftovers for days despite the fact that I sent a bunch home with Michelle. 
After we cleaned everything up and the kids had gone home, we sat down and watched the end of the Masters on TV.  It was a great Easter.
Hope yours was happy too!

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