Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Already?

I can't believe that it is April!  Where did March go?  This year is just flying by way too fast.  I have every intention of posting and then before I know it another week has passed me by and I've still not put anything up.  I don't know if it is the perils that come with age or just a busy, hectic life.  I choose to think it is the latter rather than the former.  Ha! 
Anyway, I have been quite busy.  The good news is I have finally completed my inspection at work and now have that behind me for another year.  Thank goodness!  That is a HUGE load off my back.  I've been putting in 50 hour work-weeks in preparation for this inspection and I am so glad to have it finally be over.  Normally I would not have to have so much work building up to it, but because of a lot of things that have happened within the company over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of changes and such, all of our paperwork has changed and everything had to be replaced and updated.  A gigantic undertaking!  That is in conjuction with all of the normal, everyday tasking that my job requires of me; so needless to say, I've been kept busy at work. 
Thursday was the day of the inspection and I arrived at work at 5:15 am and left at 5:45 pm, it was a long day.  When I left I got in my car and headed straight for Ocean City.  As part of my birthday gift from my friend Durinda, she was treating me to a weekend in OC at the Stampin' by the Sea 2012 Convention!  What a great gift for a craftaholic like myself, a weekend of fun, classes, vendors and shopping with a friend!  So on Friday morning we started out with a class on embossing folders which was taught by a self confessed stamper with a case of untreated ADHD.  It was a blast!  She was a great teacher who was all over the place and she spoke about a mile a minute, so if you could follow where her mind went-and I could- you were in great shape!  She was really a lot of fun and a great source of inspiration.  We couldn't wait to get to her booth the next day and see what she had to offer in terms of stamps and such.
Then we had much of the day free, so we went for a drive up to Fenwick and other places and shopped in some great little places that Durinda knew about.  Now, I am now too much of a beach girl.  Meaning, I don't go to the beach often.  I love it, but I don't get a chance to go too much.  Mr. W hates it!  Anyway, the weather here had been really warm and beautiful, and I had heard it was supposed to hold for the weekend so I just brought capris and T's, plus I didn't have a lot of time to pack so I kinda just threw stuff in my bag.  Well, let me tell you, I about froze down there!  It was so cold!!!  I had to borrow a jacket from Durinda and then buy one when we were shopping.  I only had sandals and me feet got chapped!  And we were only outside the one day.  But it was fun, none the less.
Friday night we went to a make and take and dessert thing that was put on by the Convention.  It was kind of a cluster if you know what I mean.  I would not do it again.  If you've ever been to a convention where they have make & takes and you have to stand in line to do them and you just wait and wait, that's what this was like, but you paid for it.  There were 11 make & takes and while you were standing in line for the thing to open the woman who runs the thing came around handing out tickets.  No explination was given for what the tickets were for, but were were all given six.  Turns out they were for the make and takes, so you had to choose which ones you wanted to do.  There were no boards or anything advertising what was being offered, just tables in a SMALL area where 3 people could sit and do a make & take at each table and about 150 people with tickets to do them!  One make & take was you were given a big flower stamp and stamped and punched out the flower and put a Rolo candy in the center of the flower.  Really?  Bella could do that!  Another was a gift card holder & envelope.  Clearly some were better than others.  But it was not well organized and too many tickets were sold.
Then on Saturday was the vendor fair and another class.  Vendors all day!  Woot!  That was fun.  We just got to go from vendor booth to booth checking out everything and purchasing if we choose to.  It was fun!  Everyone was nice and having a good time.  Durinda and I got some fun treasures that we can't wait to ink up and play with!  It was a terrific weekend! 
Saturday after work, Mr. Wonderful drove down and joined us and we all went to dinner together and drove around a bit.  Then we went back to the house and chatted and had a glass of wine.  It was great.  Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast and after breakfast we took a nice long walk on the boardwalk, which I always enjoy.  It was early so very few people were out and about, it was still peacefull and sleepy.  I like that time of day.  Then Durinda and I went back to the show to pick up anything we had missed before we all left for home.  It was a great weeked! 
Thanks Durinda!

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