Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

Bella is on Spring Break this week.  I'm so jealous.  When Mr. Wonderful picked her up from school on Friday she asked him what they were doing the next day.  He told her it was Saturday and he was working.  "Oh, okay" she replied, "Then what are we doing on Monday?"  On Monday he took her to D.C. to the Smithsonian Museum to see a new exhibit that they had called Titanboa, a giant snake that was shown in the exhibit eating a crocodile.  Then they went to the National Arboretum to see all of the beautiful flowers and finally to lunch at 901 with Uncle T.  She called me when they got back to the car and she sounded exhausted, but of course would never admit it!

Tuesday's plans were up in the air as Mr. W had hoped to take her to Fells Point but when he checked to see what time they opened he found out that they didn't open until April 15th.  On to Plan B-but when I left for work there was no plan B worked out yet.  Bella called me to say Good-Morning like she often does and tod me that they were going to Woody's for some Mini-Golf.  While they were on their way there, Bella recognized that they were near Tyson's and that happens to be the home of the American Girl Store and asked her G-Daddy if they could go there again someday.  He surprised her by telling her that they were on their way there!  He had always wanted to take her to lunch there, but since their opening the wait had always been too long.  Well, on Tuesday he was finally able to take her to lunch there.  When he told her she said that she didn't bring one of her dolls along to have lunch with and asked if they would have time to go home and get one of her dolls before lunch.  (It's about 45 minutes away!)  G-Daddy told her no there was no time to go home and get her doll, but he would buy her a new doll.  Well, she was just in heaven!  She knew exactly which doll she would choose-McKenna because she is only out for a limited time.  So, Bella, G-Dad and McKenna all had lunch together.
Is this a happy little girl or what?! 
She even had a special little chair for McKenna to sit in at the table and the whole room is pink-a little girls delight!
After lunch the went to the Reston Pet Farm and to Woody's for Mini Golf.  Bella had the camera and took about 100 pictures, many of them of McKenna!  She has also learned how to take a self portrait, so there are several of those as well!  ha.  She's a hoot.

She spent the night at our house that night because in the morning she was going to work with Grandaddy.  I wound up home sick for the day, but she went to work.  While her Grandaddy worked, she spend the morning in Junior Golf Camp.  It was fun for her, a friend of ours had his little girl Gracie, in the camp and she and Bella hit it off right away.
So cute!
When she got home though, she wanted to gather up her stuff and get right home to her Mom.
Mom had called and said she was home from work and Bella was ready to see her Mom and tell her all about her adventures.  Again, I was feeling a little jealous.  Hmpf. 
Guess I'll just have to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it!

And it was only Wednesday!  From there, Shawn's parents were picking her up and she was spending the night at their house and then spending the day with both of them on Thursday.  Oh, to be 7 and have the world at your feet!

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