Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ribbons & Pins

Each time that Isabella goes to a dance competition and her team competes they win an individuall ribbon or pin and the team gets a trophy.  At last weeks' copetition they had two dances for which they received a Platinum and a Gold and a Judges' Award which was called the Purely Precious Award.  They didn't each get a ribbon for that last one, but you can see how the ribbons might add up.  On the way home Bella was showing me her ribbons and I commented that she needed to find a place to put them all and she said Yeah.  Later on she suggested I make something and an idea began to take shape.  (Cue the music.)

Anyway, I started working on it the next day.  I thought what she needed was something that could  hold either a ribbon or a pin.  Something that was easy and fun, something that could 'grow' with her and most important, something that wasn't too complicated for me to make.  I had just brought home an old white board thing from work that was being thrown away because it was broken and I started with that.  I cut it down to a good size and then topped it with cardboard. 
I used some styrofoam that I had from packaging around the edges and to stabilize the corners more cardboard.
I put pink ribbon along the whole outside to cover up the edges of the whiteboard, styrofoam and cardboard.   Next, I glued down a layer of cork.  That was messy and a bitt difficult I must say.  As I would put the top part down and then try putting going further down the top would pop back up.  I finally took my Big Kick and laid it on top of the cork to hold it down! 
I wrapped cardboard cut to shape in fabric stuffed with polyfill, added ribbon and buttons and then glued into place.  Bottom,
Top, and sides.  Added some embellishments (this is where Bella helped!)
And there you have it!
It's a good size to hang on the back of her door if she wants or on her closet door if she prefers, or on a wall in her room.  Lots of options.  She can stick the pins through the ribbons and put the backs on and put her ribbons on the cork with a push pin or a clip pin.  She can even use the ribbons to add photos of she and her friends from dance class!  So, what do you think?

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