Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Step Forward...

Two step back.  Just when I feel like I'm getting somewhere something always stops me in my tracks.  Here I a chugging along finally making progress again, feeling like I am getting back into a groove after the business of the last few months.  I've made some progress in my craft room, been able to get some organizing done and I've even been able to get moving on some crafts.  The weekend came around and I had some momentum going.  I was rocking and feeling good. 
So I spent much of Saturday catching up on some house cleaning.  It was a beautiful day out and I threw open the windows, and just cleaned.  I got the Easter decorations put away-finally, even going through everything and packing things neatly and getting rid of things that i haven't used in a few years.  Then I just went from one room to the next and really got a lot done.  I even cooked a very nice meal for dinner.  I know!  A real Betty Crocker type, can you believe it?!
Sunday we were expecting Tim and Esther to come over and pick up a few items of furniture that Tim had been keeping here that he was going to be moving into their new apartment.  So we went shopping for some groceries since we asked the newlyweds to join us too.  We also stopped at Home Depot to look at some storm doors that the Mr. wants to put in and got some picture hangers and headed home.  I did have an ulterior motive in mind when I had agreed to go with him shopping, I wanted his help in hanging some pictures in my room when we got home.  So since we bought the hangers and had what we needed, we headed upstairs and got to work.  I have a few pictures to add still, but it is almost done!  Yipee!!  I've been waiting for so long.  Can't believe I was finally able to wrangle him into it!  Then Tim called to say he wasn't coming because it was pouring rain and he had rented a pick up truck so that was that.

Then along comes Monday.  I hate Mondays anyway, but this Monday was going to be busy because I was working on another move.  That's right, our build out was finished and now it was time to move in furniture and re-arrange and shuffle other furniture and other items and it was one busy day!  I was on my feet for the whole 10  hours.  Just as I was finishing up and running to get my things and get out of there, Bella called.  I asked how her day was going and she said 'Awesome'.  When I asked her why she was having such a good day she said that she was at the pet store and her parents were getting her a new pet.  When I asked her what kind of pet she was getting, I was not expecting the answer that I received.  'A snake!'  You're kidding me, I muttered into the phone.  She excitedly assured me that she was in fact serious and that her parents werre buying her a ball python!  Why!  Oh, and have I mentioned that I am deathly afraid of snakes?  Perhaps my son in law doesn't like me nearly as much as I thought he did.  Hmmm.  Are they trying to tell me something?  Then the parents got on the phone and asked me if I'll still come over to the house. 

So, this is the Little Miss with her new pet 'Sarah'
She is extra excited because she gets to feed Sarah tonight, and what do you feed a python?  Why frozen mice of course!
So, I collapsed when I got home Monday and fell asleep at 8:00 and never even heard the Mr. come home.  Tuesday was the final move in day, we were scheduled to have the movers there for two days and so we were hoping to get as much done as possible.  I got in early (around 6:00) and was ready to go.  Somewhere around 9, someone said my left eye was red and from there it went downhill.  My eye kept watering and getting redder and then it began to itch and seep and swell and it soon became apparant that I had pink eye.  I left shortly before 3 and headed to the doctor who said it was in fact pink eye and gave me antibiotic drops and sent me home.  By last night my eye was so swollen and red that I looked like a Cyclops and my eye was only open a mere slit.  This morning the eye was sealed shut with goop and the swelling was down to my cheek and now the right eye is infected as well!  Needless to say, I am home from work, putting drops in my eyes, taking naps and washing my hands frequently!
Of course my mascara and the eye makeup that I had used was brand new and I had to throw it out-bummer.  
So, I'm hoping that tomorrow is a brighter, but less pink day for me! 

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  1. So sorry you have pink eye. I have had it before, not fun.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    A SNAKE!!! Couldn't they get a cute soft kitty, teehee.