Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Drab to Fab!

Not too long after I had re-decorated Isabella's bedroom, Michelle and Shawn made the decision to move in together and start their life as a family and that family included Isabella.  So, I was left with a rather large bright pink and orange guest bedroom.  I didn't want to repaint it as they were going to be close and we thought that Bella might be a frequent visitor, and it was still 'home' to her.  I made the best of it and bought an inexpensive comforter set for the bed we had, found a small dresser to buy that didn't cost too much, and generally pulled the room together with things that we had or had to purchase without spending a fortune.  One of those things that I bought for the room was a lamp.  I found on for about $15 a Taget that matched the room and suited our purposes.  It was fine, but a little plain.  I forgot to take a before picture of the whole thing, but here is what the shade looked like:
Nothing special, pretty color but rather drab.
It had been driving me crazy.  I knew that I had to do something about it and it would't take much time, I just had to do it.  Sometimes getting down to it is half the battle.. 
Saturday as I was walking by the room the lamp caught my eye and I walked in the room and grabbed the shade off the lamp and went to town.  A little while later and, voila!
Drab no more.  Hello Fab!  Isn't it cute!   So much more interesting to look at and Oh! so much more me!
A couple of yards of ribbon, 3 ribbon flowers a glue gun and there you have it.  Easy Peasy!

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