Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Entertainment Update & What's a Grandma to Do?

I've had a heck of a week and I'll tell you about it if you like, and if you don't like you can stop reading and find something better to do.  The choice is yours really. 
Anyway, I haven't been feeling well.  I must have gotten a bug of some sort, it seems to be going around as Michelle had it a few weeks ago and lots of others as well.  Stomach problems, dizziness, headache, body ache, the whole flu kind of thing.  I missed a few days of work and when I went back, I just wasn't myself.  Towards the end of the week I began to feel better and was hoping to have the weekend to rest up and kind of take it easy.  Bella had a Dance Competition on Saturday and I was going to miss it, it would be the first on that I would have missed.  Michelle had told her on Friday morning that I wasn't feeling well and probably wouldn't be able to go, but when Jim picked her up from school she was feeling a little put out.  When he asked her what was wrong she said that 'everyone was dumping her'-Shawn had to go to Aiden's baseball game, Grandaddy had to work, Oma & Pop were going to one of their other grandaughters soccer games and I was sick.  I had gotten a heads up about how she was feeling from Jim before I Bella called me at work (Like she does each afternoon.)  When she called me I asked her how her day was and then she asked me how I was and how I was feeling and I told her I was feeling better.  She said really?  Are you better enough to go to my competition?   Well, what's a Grandma to do?  Of course I said yes!  It made her day!
So when I got home we put together a gift for her 'big sister' at dance and I helped her to stamp a tag and she colored it in and I showed her how to use Gamsol to blend it and she just had a ball.  And they did a great job on Saturday and got a Platinum award for one dance and a High Gold for another.  Overall their team took 1st and 2nd place in group.  Hooray for them!

It was a long day and when I got home I cooked a turkey breast and ran a few errands and did a few other things, so I was pretty tired.  Must have been because according to Jim, I had a pretty active night and I had no memory of it at all.  From what he said at some point during the night I began to talk in my sleep so much and so loud that it woke him and he began to listen.  Whatever I was saying must have been pretty funny, because he said that he was laughing and thinking that he wanted to remember to tell me about it in the morning.  But I never shut up and later in the night I made him laugh out loud when I started saying that 'my body was going to break up into hundreds of pieces and every piece would talk and you would want that!'
I wonder what my dreams mean, or maybe it is best not to know...
I'm afraid a psychologist might have a field day with me!  Or put me away for my own protection.  Either way. 

Well, I'm tired off to dreamland...

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