Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Enough of the pity party...

On to some fun!  Just wanted to recap our weekend for you.  It went by way too fast, but we had a great one.  Saturday after Bella's dance class we ran a few errands.  I was on the search for 2 very specific Christmas Gifts.   I knew what I wanted to get, it was just a matter of finding them, easy ritht?  Wrong!  Couldn't find either.  Oh well, move on to something else.  Michelle and I did find our Black Friday shirts, so that was good and they were on sale-even better.  Next, we headed up to the Catoctin Zoo.  (One of Miss Bella's favorite places.)  They were going to get all the alligators out of the bog and move them inside for the winter.  When we got there most of the water had already been removed from the bog and the zookeeper was standing in amongst the alligators.  He told the crowd what they were doing and how they would do it and then went about grabbing the alligators by the tail, covering their eyes and then taping their mouths shut with duck tape.  It was really neat to see!  The alligators would his and move, but they would submit rather quickly.  Except for one guy.  He was not going to give it up without a fight and actually grabbed the guys pant leg and then did a death roll.  Here are the pictures: 

Bella also got to hold a 2 year old alligator.  (With a little help)  She thought that was pretty cool!

Next we went on the Safari Ride and got to feed the Bison, Camels, Deer, donkeys, Zebras, etc.  There were only six of us on the ride, so we had plenty of food for them.

This is Sultan.

Meet Malachi.
See the red mark right in
the middle of Bella's forehead?  That is where Malachi bumped her in the head! 
He is not a patient one!
Then we finished off the day Trick or Treating.  Bella and Michelle went TOT and I passed out the candy.  (Jim watched TV)  Here are my Batgirls:

Bella lasted for about an hour and after she got home had to count her treats before heading off to bed.  The grand total?  105!  Not a bad  haul for one hour. 
Sunday after church I worked on some little notebooks for my show.  I think that they came out rather cute!

Great for list making!  If you can't read it, the stamp says Holiday Planner.  Got the stamp set from Papertrey Ink.  The set is designed specifically for these little notebooks, so cute.
That's about all for now.  Working like crazy and living life to the fullest!!

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  1. Loving these notepads! Isn't that PTI set awesome!!! I got mine last week and LOVE IT!