Monday, November 9, 2009


That was my weekend!  First up-Friday.  Friday was a very rough night!  Chester was in a tremendous amount of pain and wimpered and cried all night long.  He came home with a bandage on his leg from the IV, a cone around his neck to prevent him from pulling out his stitches or drain and of course the stitches and drain.  He has to wear a T shirt to try and keep the stuff that is draining from just dripping all over our house!  Bella was a mess-just extremely emotional about her dog. 

Saturday he was feeling much better and was able to move around a lot more and by yesterday the wimpering only came when the pain medication was wearing off.  Tomorrow he will have the drain removed.
I had big plans for Saturday which didn't work out exactly as planned.  Michelle took Bella to dance and I immersed myself in crafting.  She stopped at CVS and when she returned to the car it wouldn't start.  So I drove down to pick her and Bella up, left the car there and called AAA.  Which was when I found out that our membership had lapsed, but I was able to renew that by phone and have someone come out and meet me at the car.  It was the battery, so I had to wait to have that replaced.  All tolled, it took about 2 hours!  Michelle in the meantime had to get Bella to a Birthday Party, so when I got back with the car I was able to get some work done.  I completed 2 sets of cards, a gift container, ten candy bags, 7 notebooks and then 3 sets of thank you cards for kids.  Here's a sample!

Sunday, Jim kept Bella home with him and Michelle and I hit the outlets for some retail therapy.  Oh, how I love that!  It was very productive!  Got several Christmas gifts, Bella's Christmas p.j's and furniture for my family room.  That's right-I ordered a sofa & a tilt back chair with a matching ottoman.  Should have it before Christmas!  So that was my weekend, how was yours?

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