Friday, November 6, 2009

Hooray for Friday!

*Update-Chester is out of surgery and recovering nicely at the vets office.  The cyst that they removed was not just large on the outside, it was large inside as well.  Chester will come home this evening and will have a tube to allow for drainage.  She suggested that we keep a T-shirt on him until the tube is removed on Monday or Tuesday.  (That should be fun!)

So, it is finally Friday!  This week seems to have been a long one.  I have been busy at work and it looks like things may be getting busier for me soon.  There are some possible changes in the future for me at work, and I have been helping to work out the details.  More to follow on that at a later date. 
Bella has had a rough week.  She is coming down with something-probably a cold.  She coughs a lot at night and consequently, she is not sleeping well.  Yesterday in the early hours of the morning, Jim got up because he heard her calling for a drink, her throat hurt and she wanted someting to soothe it.  Neither Michelle nor I heard her, so Grand Daddy helped her out.  Michelle called the dr. yesterday to see what she could give her for the cough and was told that cough syrup is NOT recommended for children under the age of eight.  She was told to give her a hot shower, put a humidifier in her room, and give her a teaspoon of honey prior to going to bed..  It did seem to help some.  Anyway, as she was about to leave for school yesterday she looked at Michelle with a look that said "I'm hurting".  Michelle asked her what was wrong and she said that it was Todd's last day at school.  (TOdd is a good friend from her class.)  She said that she was really, really going to miss  him and sobbed all the way to school.  :(  Poor kid.  Last night she  hung a picture on the refrigerator that shows her in one corner of the page and Todd in the opposite corner and in between the two she wrote 'I love you Todd'.  She told us that at school they each made a page for a book for him and the teacher put it together so that he won't forget his friends here when he is far away in Texas. 
I have big plans to lock myself into my Scrapatorium tonight and not come out until Saturday night!  We'll see how that works!  I want to build up my stock before my show.  I love spending time in my room, it gives me a sense of peace. 
Sunday, Michelle and I have plans to go to the outlets in Hagerstown.  I want to go to the furniture store and she would like to look at Petite Sophisticate.  It is closing-again.  Maybe we can scoop up some great bargains, we'll see.
And finally, I ask you to keep this boy in your prayers today. 

My buddy Chester.  He is right now at the vets office and will be undergoing surgery today.  He has a yucky growth on his side that will have to be removed as well as a bad tooth.  He'll be under for about 2 1/2 hours.  That's a long time under anesthesia.  Chester is 10 years old which is getting up there for a large dog.  So just pray that he will be okay if you wouldn't mind. 
Have a great weekend and I'll update you all on Monday with my progress and Chester's status!

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  1. Her Favorite ChildNovember 8, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    he's eight, but you were close. also, one tooth became four, but at least today (sunday) he seems to be acting better