Monday, November 2, 2009

Rough few days

Sorry about my lack of posts last week, but it has been a rough couple of days.  I have had a killer backache that began mid-week and has continued throughout the weekend.  I have been noticing that my pain level has increased as of late and my mobility issues are becomming more pronounced.  My ability to move 'at will' is not always there and I have noticed more 'ticks' and 'shakes' than has been the normal for me.  Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and went to get up to go to another room and though the upper part of my body was raring to go, the legs were somewhat frozen in place.  The momentum caused me to fall, luckily the chair in the family room caught my fall and kept me off the ground for the most part.  This morning I emailed my doctor letting her know of these most recent developments and she responded that it sounds like the disease is progressing. 
Progression is to be expected and I had come to that conclusion on my own, so the doctor's words were merely confirmation.  She may choose to do some additional tests when I see her in January, but it is not likely.  Either way, I am fine with her decision and trust in her to do what she thinks is best for me.  I do have quite a bit of input into my care and I like it that way.  I keep myself informed and feel free to ask questions and speak my mind, but all in all I take my cues from the doctor regarding treatment. 
On a lighter note, I got a new computer at home on Saturday!  Yeah!  Now I just have to get it connected to the internet and I'll be all set, everything else has been added on already.

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