Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, already!

Sorry, I haven't forgotten about you-just been busy!  We went to Williamsburg over the weekend to see a William & Mary game and to spend some time with our friends Andy & Durinda.  We had a wonderful time!  Drank some wine, ate some great food, did some shopping, just had fun!  

Also been working hard at preparing for Saturday's open house.  It's nuts!!  Anyway, didn't want to make you go without a picture and a little story.  Bella was asked to tell what she was thankful for and her response was 'to give food to the hungry'.  Her teacher asked why and she said that she was thankful to be able to give food to the hungry because that meant that she had enough to eat and enough to share.  Five years old!  She's quite a kid! 

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  1. What a beautiful story from a beautiful little girl!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's where I get my hinged tins

    they are not THAT much of a deal b/c shipping is expensive. I think it ends up costing me about $1.25-$1.30 per tin.
    Glad your doggy is feeling better too!