Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't you love Mondays?

When it is really Tuesday!  Gotta love a three day weekend.  So, what did you do?  I didn't do too much, but it sure felt good.  Saturday morning was spent running errands that included taking Bella to dance class, the scrapbook store and Gymboree.  (Gotta spend those Gymbucks!)  Michelle fixed my printer so that I am now able to once again print my photos.  Yeah!  So, I spent lots of time printing pictures to use and was even able to cram a little time in my Scrapatorium.  Of course, when I realized that I needed to reprint one of the pictures I went to my computer only to find that it had crashed.  Now I have to re-install everything.  Have I mentioned that I hate c omputers?!  This one is brand new too, so it may be headed back to the store.   Anyway, I did manage to get a layout completed.  Here it is:

It is difficult to see, but in the title I put a little gem in each one of the little holes.  It took me about an hour! Ha!
Sunday morning we went to church and listened to our paster give a great sermon.  It was a wonderful service.  Bella has really begun to take an interest in the inner workings of things at church.  Michelle was asked to collect the offering on one side of the church and Bella asked her if she could do it.  Michelle told her what to do and before I knew it, Bella was at the end of our pew with the offering plate!  She also had the interest of many of our church members, a lot of whom took the time afterwards to tell her what a good job she did.  It was so cute!  Later on in the day we (me, Jim, Michelle and Bella) headed downtown and had a drink and an appetizer at the Green Turtle before heading over to the Weinburg Center to see Neilo Berg's 100 Years of Hollywood.  It was a tremendous show!  And I have to say that Isabella was way better behaved than the people behind us who choose to speak in their normal voice throughout the show.
Then on Monday Michelle worked so Jim and I had Bella for the day, so we went to the National Zoo.  It was in the low 50's so it was a perfect day to see the animals.  Too bad that zoo has so many hills! 

The orangutan in the second picture is 45 feet above the ground with no net.  They have 2 houses, one on each side of the zoo and the orangutans are free to move from one to the next via a system of ropes and these large tower like structures.  Pretty cool!
Anyway, by the time that we got home from the zoo, I was beat!  Not to mention sore.  So I turned in early and got some much needed rest!  Today, I got the day off-by going to work!  Five years olds can be a lot of work and a ton of energy!

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  1. Love the way you did that "Spotlight" title! Great idea. Wish I had thought of it when I was doing my kids' dance layouts. :)