Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

No, I'm not down, but it is a rainy Monday!  The winter weather that we were expecting kinda fizzled out.  We got some sleet but for the most part it was rain.  Now more.  Just what I want!  I'll never be able to get my carpets cleaned and keep them clean with 2 dogs and a swampy backyard.  Ugh! :(
Anyway, had a busy weekend again.  Friday night Jim and I went to dinner and then on to the Weinberg to see 1964 The Tribute. 

It was a wonderful show!  These guys are really great.  It was the third time that we have seen the show and they do not disapoint.  They have been doing the show for 26 years now, three of the four of them are original members-I believe.  I would highly reccomend seeing it for anyone who has the opportunity.
Saturday I cleaned the house.  I just love to be able to dedicate some time to just really doing a good cleaning.  Afterwards, I took a nap and played with Bella a bit and then in the evening Jim and I joined our friends Bobby and Kathy for dinner.  It was so good to catch up with them!  Though we live just a few miles apart, out hectic schedules keep us from seeing each other as much as we would like.  The meal was delicious too! 
Sunday I overslept and didn't make it to church.  I had woken  early and was able to work on a little felt project I have going on but then I got sleepy and laid down on the couch and was out!  It is remarkable to me how quickly I can fall asleep now.  I never used to take naps nor need them, but now if I have plans for the evening I know that I had better take a nap or at least a rest or I'll spend the night fighting off sleep!
Sunday was rainy and miserable out, so we pretty much stayed in all day.  Then in the evening Michelle and Bella treated the family to dinner at Outback to celebrate mine & Jim's anniversary.  When we got home from dinner they surprised us with an ice cream cake.  (Well, they tried to surprise us but Bella was too excited to keep it to herself!)  Jim and I don't exchange gifts for our anniversaries, but he did give me some beautiful roses!  He used to give me one for each year we were married, but with the cost of roses rising and the number of years rising, he's scaled back!  We've been married for 29 years now.  Wow!  That is so hard to believe sometimes.    But I'd do it again. 
Anyway, I hope to share some pictures with you tomorrow. 

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