Thursday, January 14, 2010

Safe and Warm

That is what I am experiencing as I type these words.  I am safe, warm, clothed, fed, and in the company of my loving family.  How Blessed I am!  But my heart is heavy.
The people of Haiti need our prayers and they need our help.  Their world has been turned upside down by an earthquake the likes of which we cannot fathom.  The pictures are haunting.  The devestation unimaginable. 

 Mothers with empty arms...
Children alone and scared, searching for their parents....
Food and clean water not readily availble...
Sadness all around...

We cannot begin to imagine the pain and loss.  At times it is too much to bear.  We have seen the pictures, heard of the devestation, the catastrophic loss of life and yet we are safe.  We sit in our homes and watch the news on the television, or we see it at work or in the newspaper.  And we can turn it off.  When it does becoe too much to bear, too much to think about any more, we can turn it off.  Try to get those images from our minds.  But I can't.  Can you?  The images they haunt me. 
I'd like to help.  But I am only one.  What can I do?  How can I help?  Google Haiti on your web browser and countless web sites will come up.  Offering ways to hel.  You can text Haiti on your phone and make a donation, it will appear on your next bill.  The Red Cross needs help and needs money.  Compassion International is a wonderful charity dedicated to helping impoverished children. 
Find a way that you can help.  And pray!  Take a moment to pray!  It is free but the benefits are boundless.

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  1. So sad what has happened to all those poor people. I know there is a lot of aid out there ~ I just hope it gets to where it's needed quickly!