Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Weather on the Way

So the weather man says.  We are expecting a 'wintry mix' tonight and into tomorrow.  Accumulating to only an inch or so, but who knows what we will wind up with. 
Yesterday I went to work feeling pretty good about what I was wearing.  I had on a blue corduroy dress that came down past my knees, black hose and black shoes.  The shoes are the Naturalizers or something similar, but they are just plain black with a small stacked heel and a 2" band of elastic or something that goes across the top of the foot.  Got the picture?  Anyway, when I left for work it was still dark out and Bella was enjoying yet another day off of school so she and her Granddaddy slept in.  I walk in the door from work last night and Bella yells "Hi Gaga!", she then looks up at me and says "Oh, you look just like a Pilgrim."  So, won't be wearing that dress again, the shoes weren't that comfortable anyway, so they can go to!  And I made an appointment to get my hair done, though she can't get me in until the 31st.  Nothing quite like the honesty of a 5 year old to hit you where it hurts!  Ha!
Got another layout nearly completed, just need to add the journaling.

The pictures were taken this past summer at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  Jim and the girls went into the aviary and the birds are quite accustomed to people, but they flocked to Jim.  They were licking the perspiration from his neck! 
The paper is from Basic Grey's new Origins line.  I just love Basic Grey!  It is the paper that I consistently go to for scrapbooking and cardmaking.  Can't beat it!  I generally use a lot of pictures on each layout and I tend to keep the layouts pretty linear to keep them from looking too messy.  So nothing too special about my layouts, just getting them done.  I love the process though!  Love to sit in my Scrapatorium, with all my stuff around me and just create.  But it is often too easy to loose track of time.  I've been known to go in there at 7 or 8 in the evening and emerge only to find that it is now 12:30 or 1:00 and everyone else has gone to bed for the night!  Does that happen to anyone else?  I have DVD's that I pop into "watch" while I'm working, Boston Legal, The Golden Girls, Soap, Becker and The Pretender to name a few.  Things that I have seen over and over and don't have to pay too much attention to.  Still enjoy them though.  So, tell me how you work, do you have a routine?  Special music, shows or snacks that you like to have while working?  I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Oh my....your five year old granddaughter cracks me up. (Sorry). Love the use of your word "scrapatorium". When I scrap, I usually do so in silence...yeah, boring. I have my iPod, and once in awhile I'll "remember" to turn on the tunes. No tv in my "scrapatorium" heehee...but that is probably a good thing, as I tend to get distracted easily.

  2. Love your name of you scrapbook room Gaga. LOL sorry I just had to.

    The only sound that comes from my scrapbooking room is me talking to myself, and answering myself as well. Scary isn't it.

  3. I do get a lot done when I just put on something I've seen a million times (like Law and Order) and just get to work. If Bill is home, then it's my iPod I reach for. I like having noise in the background. I would love to have my own room to spread out!