Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craftiness Happens!

It takes some time, but I can eventually get to it.  I have been invited to participate in a Card Shower for a friends' 80th birthday.  Everyone has been asked to send her a card for her birthday in the hope that she will receive 80 cards for her 80 years, I love that idea.  Anyway, I will be doing my part.  Here i the card that I have made for her:
Happy Birthday Dear Friend
Next up, another birthday card for another friend, I won't divuldge her age just in case she is reading.
Here is a sneak peak:

Sorry the image is so bad, had a difficult time photographing cards last night.
Both are made with Papertreys Delightful Dahlia Stamp Set and Papertrey Cardstock and ribbon.

 I also worked on waterbottle labels for the upcoming wedding.  I came up with four different designs for the bride to choose from, she liked them all so I used all of them.  Labeled 2 cases of water last night, here is a sample of each label.  (Click on the picture for a close up view.)

I also had to make 30 more favor tags for her and I was able to get them all cut out.  Hopefully this evening I'll be able to get the stamping done on them.  If not all, then at least some.  Feeling the pressure now!
That's it for today. 
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Your cards are so pretty. I like the 80 cards for 80 years, so neat.
    Those water bottle lables are so cute.