Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day!

And just getting around to my weekend update!  It was a busy one, but did you really expect anything less?
Friday night Michelle and I had a date to see a concert over at the Fair.  Lonestar was opening for Rodney Atkins.  We had seen Lonestar before, back before they lost their lead singer and we had really loved them.  We haven't heard anything from them since Richie left and they recruited a new lead singe, so we didn't know what to expect.  We were not dissapointed.  They were great!  They rocked to the old songs and played some new ones as well.  They only played for about 45 minutes though, but it was a good solid 45 minutes of song.
Then Rodney Atkins took the stage.  He was really great!  It was a terrific show.  He really interacted with the audience.  Right after he sang 'I've Been Watching You', a little boy moved up to the stage and gave him a hat to sign, he held it up and the audience saw that it was a  Colts hat and some started to Boo.  (Colts are not well liked in the Baltimore area anymore!)  Rodney put his hand up and motioned for everyone to stop & said 'He's a little kid, y'all'.  Then the kids mom yelled that it was his dad's hat & he had just returned from Afghanistan, that got a big round of applause and Rodney talked about  how this is what its all about and got on one knee and whispered to the boy and then the two of them sang the chorus of the song together for the little boys' daddy.  It was very touching and got a standing ovation.  Then the little boy j ust looked up at Rodney and said with tears in his eyes 'I'm happy my Daddy's home'.
You had to have ice running through your veins not to be moved by that!  He and his family got a meet and greet with Rodney after the concert. 

On to Saturday.  We took Bella out to get costume for Halloween.  Thought that wouldn't take too long.  WRONG!  She had to try on every costume in her size before deciding on which one she wanted.  She'd try two on and say I like this one better than that one, but I'm still looking.  Then she'd try on two more and so on until we had tried on every one.  It took 90 minutes to pick out her costume and thats only because they ran out of costumes in her size or it would have taken longer! 
Then we had a few more errands to take care of and before you know it it was five o'clock and we were just getting back home.  Time for Michelle and I to get ready and head back over to he fair grounds.  This time to see Danny Gokey and Craig Morgan.  I hadn't really heard of Danny Gokey before other than the fact that he was a runner up on American Idol and didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed him.  Again, he was the opening act and was on for only about 45 minutes, but I really liked him and would get his CD.  He signed autographs after the show and the line for his booth was crazy!!

Craig Morgan, well what can I say?  He was super!  Just great!  And cute?  Woo-weee!  It was a great night of music.

Craig Morgan

You might think that was enough to fill my weekend, but no.  Not me!  We had more planned. 
Sunday morning we woke early, got dressed and drove over to a local farm and joined in with our favorite radio DJ for a 5K.  Me, Michelle and Isabella were on JessWright's SNARKY Team.  SNARKY stands for Seriously Not About Running 5K's Y'all!  We walked!  But it was still a 5K and it was a cross country one to boot.  The terraine was rough with lots of hills and uneven terraine, but I did it!  We all did.  And in doing so helped to raise over $10K for St. Jude's Hospital.  How's that for some serious $$? 
Course, I was pretty much done after t hat.  Went home and rested then did a bit of house work, and made dinner and after dinner I lay down on the couch and fell asleep-for 2 hours! 
Monday morning when I got up, I felt it all over again.  Every bump, every hill, every step I took.  Again, and again and again.  UGH!
Since then, I've been busy at work and at home.  Had our photos done yesterday for the church directory and then took Bella to dance.  Running, you know the usual. 
Friday is the wedding.  Looking forward to that. 
Till the next time!

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  1. That put a tear to my eye. Such a sweet man.

    Love your name for your team, too funny.