Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Invasion Has Begun!

UGH!  I am not kidding when I tell you that we are being invaded.  It is terrible, horrible, ugly and it smells bad too.  What is this invasion I am speaking of?  The dreaded 'stink bug'. 
Now, many of you may be fortunate enough not to know about these despicable creatures.  Count yourselves lucky.  They are heinous!  Truly.  They are one of the worst insects if not the worst that I have crossed paths with.  And they have truly invaded my world.  Up until a few years ago I too, had never heard of a stink bug.  Then these dasterdly creatures started appearing on my windows and doors.  Soon they made their way inside my home and we found them on the inside of the windows and doors, on the floors and curtains, on the fireplace, they were everywhere.  It got to where you couldn't walk out of the house without the fear of one flying into your hair.  And if you swat them, heaven help you!  Because if you swat them, or pick them up, or scare them in any way, they defend themselves the only way they know how-they emit a knoxious odor.  It is horrible and it lingers for a loooooooooongggggggg time.  
The very worst thing about these horrible bugs is that they are very difficult to kill!  They have a hard shell that protects them and regular pesticides have a difficult time permiating that shell.  Truly they are horrible! 
Did I mention that I hate these things?
Bella who likes most creatures, even snakes is terrified of the things.  The other day she was outside playing and we heard this ear piercing scream, followed by her cry.  Michelle jumped up and ran to her to find out what was wrong only to find out that a stink bug had flown into her hair.  The tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was just shaking.  Poor thing!  They are really awful.
Even at my work they are causing a ruckus.  We are on the 2nd and 3rd floor and our windows don't open and still we have stink bugs in our work space.  They get in everywhere!  It takes practically the whole year to get rid of them and by the time you do, they are back again!  It's so bad, I've dedicated almost an entire blog post to the nasty things.  Enough of that.

So last night after I got home from work I had a burst of energy.  Because of said stink bugs lying dead around my house I decided to vaccum.  The entire house.  When I got to Michelle's room I saw that she had taken down her curtains and washed them but hadn't gotten them back up.  She had to work a long day yesterday, so I put her curtains back up, made her bed, and straightened up her room for her.  Then I put away some laundry, did some ironing, cleaned the bathroom and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  While doing the floor I took the vent cover off to clean under it and looked down the vent and it was filled with-you guessed it-stink bugs!  I told you they are everywhere!  So, I cleaned out the vents too.  Then I pretty much dropped because I was pooped. 

That was about it for me last night.  No craftiness, nothing more exciting than cleaning.  How about you?

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  1. I did a bit of creating today. I have also been cleaning and organizing my home this week.