Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Look

Decided I needed a new look for Fall.  What do you think?  Woke up this morning and the temperature had dropped by more than 20 degrees, so it seemed like an appropriate time.   I'm really not so good at this and when I add an element and put it somewhere I want it to go and it doesn't wind up there, I loose it.  Don't have very much patience with this kind of stuff.  Well, who am I kidding?  I don't have a whole lot of patience with a whole lot of stuff!  Ha!  Not my specialty that's for sure.  Anyway, got it up and in Fall colors, so that's what I was going for overall...

Found out what the stomach ache was all about.  After spending several hours in Immediate Care in severe pain, barely able to walk they decided that they are pretty sure that it is diverticulitus.  Pretty sure.  That's confidence inspiring.  Better than don't know, but still.  So, I was prescribed two antibiotics to treat the infection.  Hopefully that will take care of it, but gotta tell you-feeling pretty rough.  Again, these type of problems are not uncommon among MMD  patients, but sometimes it feels like I just get it all.  Enough already!  So last night after work I dropped off my prescriptions, stopped and picked up Bella from school and then went back and got the scripts.  Since both Michelle and Jim were closing, it was just Bella and I fo dinne and I wasn't much up to eating so I stopped at McD's for Bella, got he a Happy Meal and off we went on home.  She got a little Madame Alexander doll of Alice inWondeland in the Happy Meal and she asked who it was and I told her.  She was playing with the doll and kept calling her 'Allison' and I corrected her and told her that her name was Alice in Wonderland. She said that she thought that IN was a pretty silly middle name and she was going to give her a nickname.  When asked what the nickname was going to be?  "Allison"
OK.  Just so we're clear on the whole name thing.

Gotta love her.

And in other news, out local Scrapbook store is closing its doors.  Sad.  The owners have been trying to sell for about a year now and have not been able to find a buyer and with their lease coming up for renewal, they have decided not to renew.  They both  have young children and want to focus on their families needs, something that I understand truly.  But I will miss having them there.  They were a great source, particulary when I didn't want to go to the big box stores.  I liked working with the smaller stores too, but I do understand how difficult it must be to compete.  Still....sigh.

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  1. So sorry you are going through all these health issues. When it rains it pours.
    Take care of your self.

    About changing you blog theme, it looks good. I not only don't have the patients, I also dont' have the knowledge LOL.